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Desert Dirt - Off-Road News- July 2013

Posted in News on August 2, 2013
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Jason Scherer: Against Odds Jason Scherer owned the King of the Hammers course during Power Hour Qualifying in his Rubicon Express/PSC one-seat IFS car. He took the top spot at 3:19:07; the next closest racer was Shannon Campbell. These two single-seat IFS cars then took the starting line together with Trophy Truck drivers Robby Gordon and TJ Flores in the row behind. Rubicon Express team driver Scherer qualified number one early in the King of the Hammers week and started on the pole position but lost power steering after only a few miles into the race.

"It was absolutely without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever done to drive every rock trail twice without power steering," said the 2009 King Scherer, who has finished in the top 20 for four consecutive years. "I finished 21st with 25 minutes to go, my arms and shoulders brutally beaten and cold as hell, but I didn't give up.

"There is no doubt that I was beating myself and the car the whole race," continued Scherer. "Honestly, other than the one internal issue, which caused the others, the car worked amazingly well and was fast! I am really looking forward to putting it to work the rest of the year."

king of the hammers jason scherer

Tests Show E15 Use May Harm Fuel Systems in Millions of Vehicles
Use of the ethanol gasoline blend E15 may endanger fuel systems in millions of 2001-and-newer vehicles, API Director of Downstream and Industry Operations Bob Greco told reporters on January 29, 2013, citing newly completed research by the Coordinating Research Council, an organization created and supported by the oil and auto industries. Greco, who said the fuel system failures could lead to vehicle breakdowns, also cited CRC research completed last year that found E15 could damage valve and valve-seat engine parts in vehicles.

Fuel system–component problems did not develop in the CRC tests when either E10 or E0 was used.

Congrats to Miss Mint 400!
Taylor Cox, a 24-year-old model from Dallas, Texas, was crowned the Miss Mint 400 of 2013 before the race on March 23, 2013.

miss mint 400 taylor cox

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