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What Trucks Our Staff Would Steal

Posted in News on August 30, 2013
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The National Insurance Crime Bureau has just released the list of top ten vehicles that are stolen in the country and we weren’t shocked by the results at all. Among the top ten are Ford Full Size pickups, Chevy Silverado pickups, and Dodge Ram pickups. One thing is obvious, car thieves are big fans of the big three’s full size truck offerings.

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This got us to thinking about a hypothetical situation. What would our staff steal if they could get away with it without any repercussions whatsoever?

We’re all generally pretty honest people here at Four Wheeler but given the opportunity to get away with joy riding in a truck that isn’t ours and then keep it without getting caught, well that’s like a fat kid at a candy store with deep pockets and a serious sugar addiction.

So what trucks would we steal? It would have to be a truck that would pull at our inner car thief’s desire. Here’s what our staff had to say:

2012 Jeep Mighty FC concept front three quarter

Agustin Jimenez - Associate Online Editor
I’m not normally one to steal, unless it’s somebody’s lunch in the company refrigerator but if I could get away with it without getting my face stomped in by the owner or Johnny law, it would have to be the Jeep Mighty FC concept truck. Although not in production, it’s real enough that it’s left a few track marks on the slick rock of Moab and it looks flat out awesome in my opinion. The spacious cargo bed would make for the perfect storage for all the plundering and pillaging that I’d likely get into with a ride like that. The Dynatrac Pro Rock 80 axles and serious ground clearance would allow me to climb any obstacle in my way to make a quick getaway and ride off into the sunset like a menacing mustache wearing bandit.

F150 1450 Race Truck

Unfortunately getting my hands on the Mighty FC is about as likely as finding a Trans-Am that can talk back to me so if I had to choose an actual production truck that could be easily plucked from an average parking lot, I would choose a first generation Ford Lightning. Why? Because it’s a pretty fast truck in stock trim and the Twin-I-Beam suspension lends itself well to going fast in the desert or I could easily convert it over to four wheel drive by bolting in a set of TTB Dana 44 beams. A truck like that would be unstoppable and could easily blend-in in any urban setting while still offering plenty of cargo area for hauling any other stolen loot I might come across.

1993 Ford F150 front three quarter

Ali Mansour – Technical Editor
Leave it to a SoCal guy named Gusto to write an article about stealing trucks. What’s next? Top chop shops in East L.A. or how to yank your neighbors rims in less than ten minutes….. ?

I wouldn’t steal.

But…. If I had to “borrow” a pickup for an extended period of time (and try and get away with it) my pick would be a regular cab, long bed Ford F-150. White, of course, with vinyl floors! I mean, hey, if you are going to steal a vehicle and attempt go unnoticed, that’s the one to pick!

If I was going for my 15 minutes of fame, and my best chance to get on the evening news (or even better COPS!) I would go for the Ford Raptor.

2013 Ford Shelby SVT Raptor F150 front three quarter

John Cappa – Editor-In-Chief
I could have fun driving pretty much any stolen car into the ground like a teenager behind the wheel of mom’s Volvo, but if I’m stealing something, it needs to be fast. I’d rather run out of gas before I get caught so I’m going with the 575hp Supercharged Shelby Raptor. I ought to be able to empty the fuel tank in 200 miles or less. Who knows, with that kind of power I might even get away, or kill myself trying!

2013 Ram 3500 HD drivers side front three quarters 2 1024x640  1

Ken Brubaker – Senior Editor
Given the opportunity to abscond with the truck of my choice with no repercussions, I'd go for a rig that I will never be able to afford, but really want. Sorry Ram, I'd hit one of your dealerships and drive off in a Cummins-powered Ram 3500 MegaCab dualie. I wouldn't draw any attention as I ankled around the lot looking for one with Laramie Longhorn trim. Oh, and then I'd have to open the hood to see if it had the dual alternator option that I want. Clearly, I'd be a terrible car thief.

2014 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Denali

Jeremy Cook – Online Editor
I’m going to be pretty boring here, but since stealing alludes to the fact that something is free, my practical senses kick in and makes me think of things I can’t afford in real life. I’d look for something that I could use for all of my hauling duties (read: trailering all my projects around), taking long trips, and having something I could keep around forever providing the law doesn’t catch up to me. I would go with a 2014 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Denali with a big lift so it’s sure to never stand out in a crowd!

Ford SVT Raptor F150 with ARE bed cap

Monica Gonderman – Associate Online Editor
I’d steal a SuperCrew 6.2L Raptor, preferably white or silver and with no graphics and with a bed cap so I could have the best of both worlds. A go fast desert truck that can pretty much go anywhere as well as haul a fair amount of cargo while keeping it secure in the bed under the locked bed cap, I wouldn’t want any dirt bags poking around my newfound goods.

2011 Ford SVT Raptor F150 with Snug Top cap

However, I would take any Raptor since a bed cap can always be added at a later time but the Overland Raptor perfectly sums up what I’d steal!

2011 Ford F250 King Ranch towing

Corey Simone – Web Producer
While I don’t condone stealing in any way and believe you should work for what you have, if I had to take somebody’s truck without asking politely, my choice would be simple – it would have to be a Ford Super Duty King Ranch! They have the power to do rugged and manly tasks, like pulling a tree out of the ground while seated in the luxurious dark rust-colored leather interior, who wouldn’t want one? I would be sure that it was powered by a 6.7L Power Stroke V8 diesel engine, and a 4x4 to get it through anything in its path since I would be keeping it for as long as possible!

2011 Ford F250 King Ranch front seats

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