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1,200 Mile Four Wheeler Adventure - The Video!

Rock Crawling
Posted May 1, 2003

1,200 Miles Of Dirt, Heat, Rock, And Pavement

Our motley bunch started in Cedar City, Utah.With names like Pumpkin Eater, Zuk Crash Corner, Buzzy's Back-Up Hole, The Wall, and V-Crack, the area is truly a wheeler's delight. Next stop: Moab, where we took on the killer Helldorados. In Montrose, Colorado, we faced a short but gnarly trail aptly named Calamity Canyon, which wreaked havoc and caused grief for a few vehicles. We reached Caon City, Colorado, with 1,200 hard-won miles on the odometer. Luckily, we took a professional video crew along for the ride. Now you can follow the 35 brave souls in 27 rigs-from a '46 CJ-2A to a '71 Bronco to an '02 TJ-on this seven-day adventure.