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2013 SEMA Rigs - Brubaker’s Favorites

Posted in News on November 8, 2013 Comment (0)
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2013 SEMA Rigs - Brubaker’s Favorites

A few people have asked me which rigs appeal to me at this year’s 2013 SEMA Show here in Las Vegas. Up until today I haven’t had an answer to that question because I hadn’t walked the entire show. Well, today I did and I’m ready to answer that question. Aside from the Raptor jumping out in the parking lot, shown here, (I could stand and watch that for hours, which I may have done as a matter of fact), there were a few rigs that stood out as some of the rigs I’d like to own. Keep an eye out for the March ’14 issue of Four Wheeler where we’ll publish more info on these rigs as well as a number of other cool SEMA machines.

Diesel Hauler
This ’02 Silverado has a wicked twin-turbo Duramax diesel engine, Suncoast Stage 4 transmission, Rhinolined exterior, and 37-inch tires. I’m not too sure about the low-hanging storage, but overall, I dig this truck.

rhinolined 2002 chevy silverado

Classic Chevy
This modernized ’78 Chevy Silverado regular cab shortbox pickup has an E-Rod crate engine and a 4L70E transmission, among other things. All in a stock-looking package. Way cool.

1978 chevy silverado

Fuel Efficient Raptor
I can think of worse things in life than having a Raptor set up for hauling kayaks and mountain bikes. Talk about arriving in style! Oh, and did I mention this Raptor is powered by the fuel efficient 3.5l Ecoboost?

ecoboost 2013 ford raptor f 150

The Newest Truck
This is the Commander Series ’14 Chevy Silverado pickup that was designed for Willie Robertson of the Duck Dynasty television show. Hey Willie, can I borrow your truck?

line x coated 2014 chevy silverado

Christmas Wish
Dear Santa: Please bring me this turbodiesel Toyota HiLux.

2014 toyota hilux

Heavy Duty Desert Truck
This is a ‘13 Ram 3500 turbodiesel set up prerunner style. It’s big, it’s bad, and it’s not mine. But I wish it was.

2013 ram 3500 hd

Classic Mini Truck
Last, but certainly not least, is this ’69 International Scout. It’s V-8-powered and meticulously restored. I don’t want this truck, I need this truck.

1969 international scout

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