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Dirt Every Day: Episode 24 - Texas Ranch Jeep CJ7 Rescue

Jeep CJ7 Getting Rewired
Agustin Jimenez
| Staff Editor
Posted January 16, 2014

Getting rid of Electrical Gremlins the Painless Way

It’s a whole new year and there’s a lot more Dirt Every Day for everyone to enjoy and to start our second season off right, Fred Williams of Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road headed over to the Lone Star state to purchase an old ’78 Jeep CJ7 that was sitting in a field waiting to be rescued.

Fred quickly realized that just like most Jeep CJs, this one was riddled with electrical gremlins and needed some serious attention before he could drive it back to California.

On this episode of Dirt Every Day, Fred gets his hands a little dirty trying to make an old Jeep CJ7 road worthy before attempting to drive it halfway across the country. Not only is there some serious Jeep rewiring action happening in this week’s video, there’s also a super sweet trip to a local jeep junkyard that would probably bring tears of joy to most grown men if they found themselves standing there with a wrench in their hand.

Check out what it takes to get an old abandoned CJ purring like a kitten and running like a scalded dog!


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