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Dispatch - January 2014

Posted in News on December 17, 2013
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Photographers: Manufacturers

Jeep News & Rumors

The '14 Compass sports a new transmission—6F24 six-speed PowerTech auto—and a slightly new look, both inside and out.

Oh, hey, the '14 Patriot is also upon us. Ditto the new six-speed.

Yahoo Autos told its readers the '97 Wrangler is a vehicle "you should probably own." Much more of a compliment than it sounds like there. The Ford Raptor and a '95 Porsche 911 also made the cut

You can now get a Wrangler Sport with an available 32-inch/17-inch Rubicon aluminum wheel tire-and-wheel group.

There's a new Wrangler special edition: Rubicon X, featuring a winch-capable bumper and wider rock rails. It's based on the Rubicon, not the letter X.

30 Miles of Freedom is an opportunity from Jeep to win a '14 Compass or Patriot. Go to check out the best stories of 30-mile road trips in one of those vehicles.

More Freedom things: that same-named Wrangler edition is back for 2014. It's based on the Sport S model.

The four-banger '14 Cherokee 4x4 is rated 21 mpg city, 28 mpg highway. The V-6 is 19 city, 27 highway.

The five millionth Grand Cherokee rolled down the Jefferson Avenue North Assembly Plant assembly line in August. It was a '14 Overland. The Grand also reached another milestone: turning 21 years old.

More colors are now available for your brand-new Wrangler: Amp'd, Anvil, Copperhead, Flame Red, and Granite Crystal. The Freedom has Hydro Blue as an option as well.

China Jeeps will now see the Pentastar 3.0L V-6.

And…yet another special Jeep: The Wrangler Polar made its debut at the '13 Frankfurt Motor Show, for which Jeep said, "the 2014 Jeep vehicle range available to date will bask in the spotlights of the prestigious German exposition alongside the new Wrangler Polar." It appeared at the show with the power options of a 2.8L diesel or the 3.6L gas. We quote Jeep: "Polar takes its cue from the severe climate and extreme conditions that characterize [sic] the Antarctic region. The ‘Polar' badge located on the vehicle's side next to the front fender flares shows off the 78° S and 106° E coordinates that correspond to the location of Vostok in Antarctica: the exact point where the absolute severest temperature in the world was recorded at -89.2 degrees C (-128.56 degrees F)." Hence, "the theme of winter."

Quote Without Story
"How can I say this without offending anybody: When I smell horse poop, I smell money."
—Hayden Elder of Elder Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram in Athens, Texas. He told Automotive News that truck sales are good and "the Jeep product is hot."

Quote Without Story #2
"ODI has received three reports from consumers alleging the headliner of the vehicle caught fire near the area of the passenger-side sunvisor. The customers reported a burning odor and visible smoke coming from the headliner while the vehicle was being driven. This was followed by flames from the headliner itself. Customers lowered the windows in an effort to clear the smoke, but this increased the fire's intensity."
—From the summary of a preliminary evaluation by NHTSA about the '12 Grand Cherokee

Industry News
Hurry up! The Jeepers vs. Zombies sweepstakes hosted by 4Wheel Drive Hardware is only happening until November 30. You could win a "survival Jeep part." Go to

Looking for an auto show happening anywhere in the U.S.? Check out the ShowHunter app available through the iTunes store. It can search for shows by region, give you descriptions and links, and offer up access to new events added daily.

Win a non-zombie-related Jeep: Head over to learn about the '13 Jeep Wrangler Sport you could win through a CA4WDC sweepstakes. It's just $5 for a shot at it, and its Poison Spyder Customs customization includes the company's own bumpers and fenders as well as other odds and ends. The Jeep also has Currie axles, ARB lockers, BFG rubber, and loads more. The winner will be determined by drawing on February 23. We don't mean the doodle kind. The money raised will go toward fighting to keep public land open.

Reader Quote Without Story*
*As seen on Jp’s Facebook page

Twit Watch

Know of a Closed Trail?
We’re running this email we got in its entirety:

"Olaf Kilthau", Owner/Managing Member of Area BFE in Moab, UT, is asking for pics from us—of "Closed" trails/areas from all over the country! Yes, trails and riding areas that have been closed to us (no matter how far back), with signs showing the closure or a gate or other barrier showing the trail/road/riding area "Closed." Pics should be internet sized (less than 1 meg, preferably jpeg). Pics can be emailed directly to Olaf, using Please add a short description of the pics you send. Your note to Olaf might look like this: "This pic is of the closure sign at the mouth of Surprise Canyon in Panamint Valley, near Death Valley, California, closed in May 2001. Before that we used to winch up 5 waterfalls to get to Panamint City, about 10 miles away. Now we have to walk to see this part of our desert history." There is no immediate deadline for submitting pics, but we’d like to get this database/project underway as soon as possible. However, if you come across a closed sign in the future, send it along as well. Olaf will keep a list of the closures and pics that go with them, for our future use."

Auto Graphs
• There’s a new ULV prototype being tested by the U.S. Army. Cost? $250K each. Three will be made for various testing; two will be for mobility, mine blast, and ballistic survivability, while another will be for mobility and fuel efficiency. They will be powered by a diesel engine and two electric motors.

• Mark your 2014 calendar now: July 11, the fifth annual Collector Car Appreciation Day.

• What will happen to the Detroit Historical Museum’s collection of around 65 classic cars? Automotive News reports that the group (worth an estimated $15 mil) includes a ’63 preproduction Ford Mustang and ’50 Packard Deluxe Eight. The collection may be sold to pay creditors on behalf of the city of Detroit. It’s in a judge’s hands.

• The Nissan Titan is getting a Cummins diesel—a 5.0L V-8 version.

• Progressive Insurance did some number crunching and found that vehicle theft increases in the summer—a 15 percent bump in July and August. July is the worst, so you should probably take yourself and your Jeep to the panic room. And do that on a Sunday, since that’s the day with most thievery.

Jeep Wrangler Dragon
Jeep wants to show you its dragon. Wait, that didn’t sound right. Jeep wants to show you its giant lizard. Wait, that didn’t sound right. Hot (?) off its last-year debut as a Wrangler Dragon Design Concept at the Beijing International Automotive Exposition is the ’14 Wrangler Dragon, a new limited edition Jeep. Its MSRP is $36,095 and will include various black appliques, black paint, black wheels, and so on in black, as well as at least two visual cues involving a dragon.

Jp Staff Gets Naked

Want to learn more about the people who put together your favorite Jeep magazine? Agreed, you don’t. But some of you have been asking questions, so in each issue, we’ll answer those, no matter how weird they—and you—are. Send your question to with the subject line, "I Need to Know." We were going to make that subject line "Get Naked," but we have enough of those already in our spam folder.

This month’s burning questions: Christian Pete Verne
Your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving? I put my corn in my mashed potatoes with gravy. But not like Honey Boo Boo multi-meal style. I almost barfed when I saw them eating that. The cheesy canned cranberries. Seconds and then dessert...and then dessert seconds. Burp!
What Jeep-related thing will you wish for if you get the wishbone? Ball bearings and Quaker State. It’s all ball bearings nowadays. A 5.9L Grand. Magic traction? Maybe whirled peas?
Story idea you want to pitch but the editor won’t let you do it? Evil Christian wants to replicate a Hafner Rotabuggy Flying Jeep, but self-preservation Christian won’t let him do it. Already pitched...but a ¼-scale MB replica from Omix Ada on an ATV chassis. Cairo to Cape Town in a vintage Jeep...assuming political things are a bit more stable in Egypt some day.
Worst trail breakage you suffered in 2013? Tore the muffler in my YJ apart. Not very impressive. Apparently I need to wheel harder. Busted tire carrier...well, and Jeep not starting on ’Con…but it sorted itself out. Nothing major, just snapped an axle in two. Meh!

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