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Stand-Alone GMC in the Works?

Posted in News on January 21, 2014 Comment (0)
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You know the deal – Chevrolet has its version of a vehicle, and right there in the shadow is the GMC version of the “same” thing. It’s kind of like GM has fraternal twins in Chevrolet and GMC. Some would argue they are identical twins, but since they do have visual differences, we’ll stick with fraternal. In the case of these twins, Chevrolet is the older brother and GMC is the younger brother, a little better dressed but always eager to mimic and follow his older brother.

As of now, GMC does not offer a unique vehicle of its own; at the base of every GMC is a Chevrolet. However, during the recent Detroit Auto Show, when GM product development boss Mark Reuss was asked if we’d ever see a GMC that wasn’t taken from a Chevy, Reuss replied, “Oh, yes, you will.” Naturally, the next question is what this vehicle will be, for which Reuss wouldn’t elaborate.

On the truck side, GMC has the mid-size Canyon set for its 2015 revival, the half ton Sierra that was redesigned for 2014, and the HD Sierra pickup that’s redesigned for 2015. Their truck fleet seems pretty complete. GMC has a mid-size(ish) and full size crossover in the Terrain and Acadia, so it’s unlikely the vehicle will resemble these. And unless GMC takes a wild turn and heads for the sedan market, a logical speculation seems to be the smaller crossover market.

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This leads us to wonder what ever happened to the 2010 GMC Granite concept. This small crossover was built on a similar platform as the Chevy Spark, Chevy Sonic, and subcompact crossover utility vehicle (CUV) Buick Encore. Apparently we’ll never see the Granite in production, as Automotive News pointed out. But since the Buick Encore has done pretty well in the US, could GMC be coming out with an Encore-like GMC? Or would that just leave GMC “copying” Buick instead of Chevrolet? We are left wondering how truly unique this stand-alone GMC will be. Another option would be a unique wagon-like vehicle for GMC.

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What unique GMC would you most like to see GM add to its product line? Perhaps something more Hummer-like to compete with the Wrangler or the Raptor? Whatever is in the works, hopefully it’s suited for customization.

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