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Dispatch - March 2014

Posted in News on February 4, 2014
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Photographers: Manufacturers

GM is considering various powertrains for its big SUVs. Diesel is one, but bigwigs are keeping a watch on how the Grand Cherokee diesel sales go before deciding.

Factoid: More than half the Wranglers built in 2012 were birthed from the Toledo factory with Mopar customization. Factoid courtesy of Automotive News.

On that note, watch for Mopar to keep launching new accessories for the Wrangler over the coming months, especially off-road parts.

At the annual Texas Auto Writers Association Texas Truck Rodeo, the ’14 Grand Cherokee was named SUV of Texas as well as Midsize SUV of Texas, while the ’14 Cherokee was deemed Compact SUV of Texas. The Grand Cherokee Summit scored Luxury Midsize SUV of Texas, and the Wrangler was christened Off-Road Utility Vehicle of Texas. Yes, there is indeed another: Best Powertrain was the Jeep’s 3.0L EcoDiesel.

While we’re naming things: Esquire called the ’14 Grand Cherokee SRT the SUV of the Year.

Tigershark: Did you know that’s the name of the new 2.0L and 2.4L engines? The 2.4L is in the ’14 Cherokee.

There’s a new journey on the Pink Jeep Tours in Nevada—Red Rock Canyon with Rocky Gap Adventure. You do it in a Wrangler.

Lookie—a sketch of gawd knows what of a Mopar-themed Jeep. More info in our next issue.

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Industry News
Yokohama Tire now has a mobile website that’s smartphone-friendly. Check it out at Find dealers, tires, and up-to-date news, among other things.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has extended its Build with Blue rebate offer. You can learn more at Also check out the video of We Build Championships at

Need a vehicle history report, VIN check, or other info on that possible preowned purchase? Get the scoop at

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AOA’s 2013 Accessories Trend Midyear Report provided insight on what you guys are buying on the accessory front. Turns out by sheer volume, floor mats are number one. The top 10 also included step bars, body side moldings, factory exterior, and window tint. The most revenue and profit makin’ were protection products.

Our sister mag, Four Wheeler, has updated its app to be even easier to use. Download at the iTunes store.

Flowmaster is now 30 years old.

Quote Without Story #1
“Thanks to the all-new Cherokee, the Jeep Liberty suddenly looks manly and capable.”

Auto Graphs
Watch for Land Rover to send the Defender to sleep with the fishes.

Oh, Nissan Xterra, are you water-bound, too?

Are there gonna be lawsuits over the feds delaying implementation of mandatory backup cameras?

Looks like Nevada has made it legal for bicycles and motorcycles to run red lights, safely.

Hyundai is removing cigarette jacks globally?

The Guardian reported that a conservative Saudi Arabia cleric said that women who drive risk damaging their ovaries.

Watch for thievery of third-row seats to be on the rise. Scratch that: Watch third-row seats period.

You want to know the states that are driving less? Us too, and had the info: D.C., Wisconsin, Delaware, Georgia, and Colorado made the top five.

The site also did some surveying of those who borrow vehicles and it turns out they are nosy bastages. They opened the glovebox, trunk, and center console and found things like medicine, guns, booze, and “surprising photographs.” And believe it or not, men are bigger busybodies than women. And why were they snooping? Reasons ranged from looking for music to curiosity. And it turns out you loan to relatives most. But know that when you loan to someone you are dating or a coworker, they are serious snoopers.

GM and Capital One and Master Card have gotten together to offer a GM card that would have earnings go toward a new vehicle.

Looks like Jessi Combs, who offers a line of female-friendly welding gear and is also an auto-TV host, has become the world’s fastest woman on wheels in the record books.

Toyota Texas has built its millionth truck, a Tundra.

A Ferrari 250 GTO sold for $52 million?

Ford has installed its 500,000th Power Stroke diesel engine into a ’14 Super Duty.

AEV Rubicon Tour
American Expedition Vehicles took some JK Brute double cabs on a road trip from Missoula, Montana, to Rubicon Springs, California, to ride the Rubicon Trail. You can check out more at

Reader Quote Without Story*
*As seen on Jp’s Facebook page

Jeep Wrangler Polar Edition
Brrrrrringing a new Jeep to the market: ’14 Wrangler Polar Edition. The limited-edition model will have traits reminiscent of Antarctic region, like…um…a Polar badge with coordinates where the most severe temp in the world was recorded: -128.56 degrees Fahrenheit. It will also have a unique front grille, a body-colored hardtop, 18-inch wheels, and other interior doodads and miscellaneous Polar-y things, like a mountain-themed hood decal.

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Quote Without Story #2
“I’m glad they’re doing that, because you want them to get all the kinks out before the Cherokees go out.”
—Josh Towbin, Towbin Automotive, to Automotive News about the delay in dealerships getting the new Jeep due to Chrysler test driving every Cherokee before being released to ensure that the new powertrain software patch is making things work right

Jp Staff Gets Naked
Want to learn more about the people who put together your favorite Jeep magazine? Agreed, you don’t. But some of you have been asking questions, so in each issue, we’ll answer those, no matter how weird they—and you—are. Send your question to with the subject line “I Need to Know.” We were going to make that subject line “Get Naked,” but we have enough of those already in our spam folder.

This month’s burning questions: Christian Pete Verne
Best/stupidest nickname someone gave to their Jeep? Supidest would have to be anything with the words “rock, zombie, hound, or dog” in it. Best isn’t a Jeep, but my buddies called a gold-chainer early ’80s Corvette “Dirk Diggler.” The license plate just said “Diggler.” Very appropriate. Only thing that comes to mind is Happy Trails. Best nickname for a Jeep: I’m generally anti-nickname for Jeeps, but recently almost all of my Jeeps have one. Let’s face it, The Pig Truck is The Pig Truck. Worst nickname for a Jeep: anything that helps you justify those rubber truck testicles underneath. Cars are feminine.
Best/stupidest nickname someone gave to you? Probably “Chin,” by my buddy John. It’s short for “Chris-chin,” as my name is phonetically pronounced. Pede (pronounced either “Ped” or Peed” and this is the dumb one… a contraction of my actual name). My name is actually spelled Peder, but I go by Pete because I am soooo tired of convincing people it is really spelled correctly on documents. One that I actually like that has shown up relatively recently: JPete (a contraction of either Jeep Pete or the fact that I work for Jp). Bubba-Q (yeah, I’m kind of a Bubba and I like BBQ). Worst nickname? I have two, but I can’t say either here, but one rhymes with “brother trucker” and the other rhymes with “brass pole.”
New Year’s resolution? I don’t do that crap. I’m perfect all year long. I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a long, long time ago (like a couple of decades) with the resolution to not make any more resolutions. Sell some I can buy more Jeeps. It’s a sad, sad circle of denial and addiction.
When you get into your daily driver right now, what is going to come out of that stereo/radio? Air from the gaping hole where the stereo used to be. My Jeeps don’t have radios. New country music on Sirius channel 59 the Highway. Classic Rock or Led Zeppelin on Pandora.

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