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Dirt Sports Nation

Posted in News on April 30, 2014 Comment (0)
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Dirt Sports Nation

2014 Dakar
Professional racecar drivers can maintain focus (and eye contact) under the most challenging circumstances.

mini race driver interview

2014 Dakar
Are those regulation driving shoes?

model next to race car

2014 Dakar
If MINIs are for these girls, we are all for it.

mini race car and models

King Of The Hammers
If you're going to be a spotter, spot with flair!

dancing while spotting

2014 Dakar
Somewhere there is a race around here.

race girl

2014 Dakar
Argentina knows how to welcome its racers.

race girl in argentina

2014 Dakar
A few of the many lovely sights in Argentina.

vep race girls

BITD Parker 425
Nothing beats quality time with your drone.

flying a drone

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