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Is The Ford Bronco II Making A Comeback?

Posted in News on June 3, 2014 Comment (0)
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Do you miss the good old days of short-wheelbase 4x4s that made driving escapades as exciting as wrestling vicious alligators in your tighty whiteys? Yeah, we miss them too. It seems that our love of these pint-sized off-road vehicles isn’t just an isolated love affair either. It’s a global pandemic! Who would have guessed the Brazilians were slowly working their magic on an off-road machine for the masses?

Troller, a subsidiary of Ford of Brazil, has just unveiled this cool little off-road SUV in Sao Paulo, Brazil that we’d love to get our hands on. They call it the Troller T4 but we’d like to think Ford would be smart enough to offer this to us here in North America rebadged as a Ford Bronco II. Why a Ford Bronco II and not just a Ford Bronco, you ask? Simple – we’re still hoping Ford will wise up and build a new-generation fullsize Ford Bronco like the one we showed you during our April Fools prank.

That being said, we have a soft spot for the Ford Bronco II so it’s no surprise we think this small SUV would make for the perfect daily driver/weekend warrior. It’s small and light enough that it could achieve great fuel economy without sacrificing off-road power thanks to its nimble construction.

While we’re not exactly fluent in Portuguese, we can tell you that the Troller T4 is equipped with a 3.2-liter Diesel engine that is mated to a six-speed manual transmission which is probably a blast to wheel through tight trails. From the looks of it, the Troller T4 appears to be equipped with a pair of solid axles as well as a decent amount of ground clearance. Although the top isn't removable without the use of a saber saw, the Troller T4 does come with what is being called the "Sky Roof" option which features two large glass panels that allow you to feel like you're out in the wilderness while safely protected from the elements. It even has sway bar disconnects as well as a high mounted air filter just in case you want to add a snorkel to ford some rivers. There’s no question that this truck was designed as a no-frills machine that can be wheeled across harsh terrain and treacherous environments all day long.

If we had to describe this Brazilian 4x4 concoction, we’d say it looks like someone took a Land Rover Defender 90 and gave it a touch of FJ Cruiser with a hint of Suzuki Sidekick out back and called it a day. The Brazilians are usually known for their shapely rear ends but the Troller T4 isn’t quite what we’d call a masterpiece. Sure it’s not as good looking as the 2004 Ford Bronco Concept but at least this one isn’t rarer than unicorn turds, which means this one could make its way to our shores. We doubt we’d see the diesel engine here in the states, but the 305hp twin scroll turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost four cylinder from the 2015 Mustang sure would be a nice fit under that little hood.

Should Ford offer the Brazilian-made diesel Troller T4 as the new Ford Bronco II (or better yet Bronco III) in America?

Check out the photos and video and decide for yourself!


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