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Don't Forget To Laugh - 4xForward

Posted in News on May 15, 2014
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Ever have one of those days? A day when everything seems to be terrible. Your truck won’t start, your dog puked in your slippers, you hurt your back moving an axle, your special lady friend runs off with a rich race car driver, your best friend is fired from work, your new boss is a jerk, and all you have left to show for your struggles is a pair of old chickens that can’t figure out how to lay eggs and a pile of bills that are past due. Well, my friends, those are the days you better savor, because those are the days when everything changes.

Hear me out. When you think it’s all going bad, realize it’s about to get better. It has to; it probably can’t get much worse. But you’re going to have to get to work because getting better doesn’t come easy.

It’s the same with your 4x4. You may have bought it for a great deal only to find out the frame is rusted, the engine is junk, and now all your money is allocated to buy your kid new shoes. But don’t give up. Grab a few hours of overtime, tell the family that you’re going to bust your butt and get those new shoes on Junior andtake Momma out for a nice dinner at the local pizza joint, but stuff some of that extra cash into your 4x4 fund. Then find an hour here or there to get to the garage or barn, and cut out that rust, swap in that bigger engine, build that custom suspension you’ve been dreaming about. Don’t give up. Just keep plugging away, work hard, and try to get to the trailhead so that someday you can go 4-wheeling in your 4x4.

I know that most of you have 4x4s, but a bunch of you read this magazine and dream of owning big tires and multiple low ranges with a pair of trail slaying lockers stuffed in unbreakable axles. I was just like you. When I was a kid my dad told me that if I quit buying magazines about trucks I could actually buy a truck. That was good advice, but I ignored it. I’m not sure if I’m stubborn or dumb, but often I’ve ignored the obvious good advice in exchange for doing what I thought sounded fun. After many years of following the more interesting options in life I have found myself writing this editorial as the new captain of this ship called Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road.

I got this job handed to me after a lot of hard work, but also on one of those days that I mentioned at the start of this editorial. I was a bit unenthused and slightly overwhelmed. The fact is I’ve had a few days to think it over since Péwé told me it was my boat to make float, and I’m actually really excited. This is just about the coolest job in the world (I’m sure there is a cooler job, but I can only guess what that is), and I can’t wait to make it mine. In fact, the first week on the job I was hanging out the door of a helicopter, flying over my favorite off-road location, and taking pictures of some awesome rock buggies! (I hate to brag, but that was really fun.)

Sometimes the best opportunities show up when your world is crumbling, but I’ll tell you what—that’s when you need to lace up your boots and get to work. Life is funny, but it can also be really fun. Don’t forget to laugh.

P.S. The chickens started laying again. Who wants an omelet?

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