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Dispatch - March 2015

Posted in News on January 23, 2015
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The next Wrangler. Unitbody. Aluminum. Smaller displacement. Rumors. Heating up.

And with those massive changes coming to the Wrangler, is the longtime Toledo, Ohio, manufacturing plant out of business due to what it would cost set up that place for the Wrangler redo?

One more question: Will that Wrangler get turbo’d?

The ’14 Jeep Cherokee won Car of the Year. Who cares, right? Well, it’s kind of a big thing, because it was the first U.S. brand to make that Top 10 list in Japan. named the ’15 Grand Cherokee a Must Shop SUV for Towing.

More nods: For the fifth year in a row, the Grand was named SUV of Texas by the Texas Auto Writers Association at the Texas Truck Rodeo. Jeep won five awards for 2015 models, including Off-Road Utility Vehicle of Texas for the Wrangler. Best Powertrain went to the 3.0L EcoDiesel.

Is that talk of an SRT Cherokee and Renegade really in the air?

As we went to press, it looked pretty likely that Jeep would nail 1 million sales of Jeep vehicles in 2014. That’s globally, and that was the original goal.

Quote Without Story
“Our members have done everything they’ve been asked to do and more to meet demand for Wrangler, our community has done everything it could to meet demand for Wrangler, and this is just totally unacceptable. They can talk about anything they want to do with how the Wrangler is made—whether it’s aluminum or a different powertrain or whatever— but it has to be made in Toledo, in its birthplace.”
—Bruce Baumhower, president of UAW Local 12, to Automotive News, regarding the possibility of having to move Wrangler production out of the Toledo, Ohio, factory

Eisenhower’s Jeep
Right over there on the ol’ eBay, you could bid on Dwight Eisenhower’s ’43 Jeep. The ad noted it was in a private collection and restored “sympatheticly [sic] to its original condition,” and that it was presented to the General in October 1946, along with an apartment in Scotland, as thanks from the people of Scotland for his help during WWII. The Willys was listed with 31,000 miles, and the seller was asking $750,000.

Industry News
There are new members of the Board of Directors for Tread Lightly!: Andrew Hoit, the VP of sales at Falken Tire, and Mark MacGuinness, the VP of Discount Tire Direct.

If you’re itching to learn about towing safety, offers The Workshop, dedicated to air suspension, towing, loading a trailer, vehicle weight ratings, and more. opened its seventh distribution center: Denver, Colorado.

Auto Graphs
Fun fact! According to CNN Money, one out of every five U.S. vehicles was recalled in 2014. That’s 54 million cars and trucks—so far. The previous record was 30.8 million in 2004.

Hmmm…maybe this one is more fun: Kelley Blue Book found that when vehicle shopping, one in five men knows exactly what vehicle he wants, while women are twice as likely to be undecided.

A monster truck headed by a metal band? Knucklehead was created by the band Five Finger Death Punch’s founder and guitarist.

Ford built a special vehicle for SEMA: a combo off-road/drift F-150.

Boobs were said to be responsible for more than 500 traffic accidents in one day in Moscow. According to the Daily Mail, an advertising campaign featuring women’s breasts cupped by her hands and the slogan “They Attract” was meant to “show off the visibility of mobile ad hoardings.” The police impounded the trucks sporting the image.

The first road trial of a highly modified asphalt has taken place in Russia, making it likely ready for real traffic mid-2015. It’s a polymer technology—The polymer loading is more than twice that of ordinary modified asphalt. Studded tires in Russian winters are destroying asphalt.

Risk-O-later—it’s a risk-calculator app that can be used to measure the increased risk of being involved in a collision based on choices made by teen drivers. It will test their knowledge about things like tailgating, driving at night, and more.

Environmentally friendly lube center? Go Green Smokeless Oil International opened a prototype center in Austin, Texas.

Word is the Pentastar symbol from Chrysler is officially no longer among the living.

Is carbon fiber going to start showing up more on production vehicles as a solution for weight loss?

A study coauthored by Michigan State University economist Soren Anderson noted that children are 39 percent more likely to buy the same brand of vehicle as their parents.

Quote Without Story 2
“These days, Jeeps are in common use in the desert, as are light planes and even dune buggies, and satellite images could also easily have been taken instead…Google has no business using camels to ‘cutesy up’ its data-collection imagery. Anyone who has read about or visited that area knows that camels have a hard lot in life.”
—Statement from PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, according to, over the use of cameras on camels instead of cameras on Jeeps

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What’s This?
Check out the teaser from Mopar of two Jeeps it has modified for the 2014 SEMA Show. We’ll reveal the real things next issue, but for now, the white one is a Renegade Trailhawk called Frostbite. The blue one is a Renegade Limited called Rip Tied.

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SRT Red Vapor
The Grand Cherokee SRT Red Vapor limited edition made its European debut. The Paris Motor Show was host. Those are 20-inch Goliath wheels, and everything else is pretty standard SRT.

Reader Quote Without Story*
*As seen on Jp’s Facebook page

Where the Jeeps Are
January 17-18, 2015: San Diego 4 Wheelers Super 17 Superstition Mountains, Imperial County, California/El Centro, California

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