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Fredslist Find: 1994 Stewart Stevenson Mega Military Motorhome

Posted in News on March 17, 2015
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Ever feel like selling all your stuff and hitting the road? Well if you have dream like that then this 1994 LMTV truck from Stewart Stevenson just might be your ticket to paradise. Iron Planet ( is an online auction house for surplus military stuff, and these LMTV trucks are my current dream expedition vehicles. The website sells them through auctions at locations all over the country. These trucks have a push button automatic transmission, 4-wheel drive, and a diesel engine.|Trucks+-+LMTV&rr=0.5&hitprm=command%3DNewSearch,kwtag%3DNavNewSearch,q%3DTrucks+-+LMTV&pnLink=yes

I have always been a fan of the cab over truck style, but these trucks are much bigger than your average motorhome in some regards (height) but the box on the back still would need a complete outfitting for living. But that is what makes them so cool, you could turn the box into a log cabin inside, a modern apartment, or just a box with a cot. You could add clean, grey, and black water tanks, as well as solar panels and canoe racks to the roof. I have heard these trucks are not exactly fast, but who’s in a rush when you’ve quit work and headed out to see the world? I’m not sure these trucks are perfect for everyone, but I can imagine they would lead to some great overlanding adventure stories for sure.

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