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Jeepspeed & American Racing ATX JeepSpeed Challenge - Dispatch

Posted in News on June 1, 2007 Comment (0)
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Jeep News & Rumors* Like the JK's Rescue Green color? Say hello to its little replacement, Detonator Yellow.

*With news that the Chrysler arm of DaimlerChrysler will be available to the highest bidder, many are scratching their heads wondering if Jeep may be the kiss of death to each of its parent companies. Hmmm, Willys-Overland, Kaiser, AMC, Chrysler...

Easter Toyota Safari?Industry News* Expect to see a new BFG Mud Terrain in September. It looks a lot like the Krawler.

* Moab Easter Safari: Brought to You by Fiber One Bran Cereal. If companies such as Toyota sponsor the Easter Jeep Safari (better known simply as Moab), will it eventually be renamed just Easter Safari? Or how about Easter Toyota Safari Presented by Jeep and Sponsored by Ford From the Desk of Chevrolet?

* JeepSpeed has been renamed American Racing ATX JeepSpeed Challenge for the '07 season on account of American Racing taking on title sponsorship. Meanwhile, a new five-race series for highly modified Jeeps will be called Currie 4x4 Rearends JeepSpeed Cup on account of Currie Enterprises taking on title sponsorship. Rubicon Express will be a presenting sponsor of both.

Best-Selling Jeep AccessoriesHeadlights, bumpers, and soft tops are all you seem to care about. At least that's what Terapeak's research software showed. We're talking $2.9 million in Jeep exterior parts scooped up via online sales and auctions from January 12 to February 10. Even door panels and rubber seals were hot commodities. Terapeak said the most expensive sale was a 5.7L Hemi with 3,800 miles. It went for $3,651.

Auto Graphs* New in New Mexico? Talking urinal deodorizer cakes. The Wizmark Interactive Urinal Communicator has an anti-drunk-driving message. We've long subscribed to the policy of, If we hear a urinal talking, we're probably too drunk to drive.

* Chrysler Group employees are always getting U.S. patents for inventions, and we found this one humorous: "door for a vehicle."

* Robotic parking has begun in New York. Chinatown is the place, and users of the garage will leave their vehicle, and via computer controls, an elevator-type thing will send it to a vacant spot. A similar parking structure in New Jersey has had glitches over the years-such as apparently dropping a Jeep four stories.

* Speaking of New York, it's considering banning spinner wheels, yo.

* Toyota overtook DaimlerChrysler sales in Europe in January.

* XM and Sirius are combining. The joint enterprise value is around $13 billion; there's a net debt of close to $1.6 bil.

That MTV JeepIn the April Dispatch, we showed you a TJ doing bartender duty on MTV's The Real World: Denver. Turns out it was built by Poison Spyder Customs. PSC's Clifton Slay told us that MTV's original concept was a Jeep grille with a fish tank inside, which would be displayed behind a bar in the front room, but then the kooky-talk started and next thing you know, Jeep As Bar was born.

"We had a two-week window from our first meeting until the unveiling of the house to the press," Slay said. So he and his crew spent the first week locating and dismantling the TJ, stripping it to a shell and frame, then relocating it to The Real World house. There, they dealt with the suspension and axles while the body was being modified and painted at a body shop. It arrived two days before the media did. As all projects go, they finished the Jeep only hours before the official unveiling. Other odds and ends included converting the engine compartment into a storage unit.

So where is it now? According to Slay, "MTV sold the building to a local investor, Jeep included. The MTV set was completely gutted from the building with the exception of the yellow Crawler, which will remain as a centerpiece in the entrance to the building. Denver will see a new, hip restaurant appear this spring with the only remaining element of The Real World: the Poison Spyder Jeep."

And we just had to know: What beverage is best served from a Jeep? "I don't think this is inclusive of every Jeep; however, a Poison Spyder Jeep requires a Prairie Fire. No chaser."

What We're Talking About Around the Office* The Wrangler has balls. The Patriot has an online comic book.

* On taking a breather between writing each issue of Jp: "I need a couple days to umb-up."

* The three punk-rock assassins from Smokin' Aces need their own prequel movie.

* Mother-ship Primedia going on the auction block: "I made more money on my stock than I did at work this week."

* Why is replacement glass on an access door the same price as the windshield? Dear Burglar: Please send $225 and the ratty gym clothes you stole to Jp Magazine, 6420 Wilshire...

* Was it wrong to have used a Dewalt 411/42-inch angle-grinder more this month than a cool tool like a dial indicator?


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