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Mojave Desert Racing 250 & Jeepspeed - Dispatch

Posted in News on August 1, 2007 Comment (0)
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Industry News* The American Racing ATX Jeepspeed Challenge set a record with 32 starters in the second round of the Mojave Desert Racing 250 in Barstow, California.

* Chrysler brand will use the tag line "Engineered beautifully." Meanwhile, it has been said that Dodge will simply Grab Life-no longer by the horns.

* Chrysler Group's April '07 sales were up 17 percent over April '06-the best April in 10 years. This is all outside of North America.

* The Jeeps next door: Was Playboy Hugh Hefner at one point thinking of a Chrysler Group purchase?

* According to the Lansing State Journal, discussion at the Automotive Engineers World Congress revealed that Chrysler Group designs the Wrangler to be easy to customize and that buyers spend an average of $300 on Mopar accessories.

Auto Graphs* The down, downsized Hummer H4 is a go.

* ABC will be the network you can thank for reaching rock bottom and picking up a TV show called Cavemen based on the "star" of the Geico commercials. It'll be about cavemen and thirtysomethings. Laughter will ensue. (Probably not.)

* According to the Los Angeles Times, there is a lawsuit that has been newly filed in Indiana over a license plate. Specialty plates, such as those benefiting environmental causes, have an annual premium. But a plate with the motto "In God We Trust" was not considered a specialty plate and therefore didn't have the extra cost. Time for litigation!

* What happens when you take a vehicle, a lady behind the wheel, a lemon, and mix them all together? Middlesex University says you get a better driver. Citrus was said to improve concentration.

Jeep News & Rumors* First the Gladiator, then the JT truck. Smells like we're getting warmer to where they're hiding the real Jeep pickup.

* The Patriot has gone international, and it'll be available with either a gas or diesel engine in right- or lefthand drive.

* If you're going to Camp Jeep in Charlottesville, Virginia, on July 26-28, keep your eyes peeled for Tim McGraw on the premises. Or just make it easier on the peepers and wait until he's on stage performing.

* More Camp Jeep: The New York version managed to raise $16,470 for kitties-the Tigers Forever initiative, to be exact.

* Another Hemi hybrid has been introduced to the DCX fleet. Joining the '08 Dodge Durango will be the '08 Chrysler Aspen. Wonder what's next . . . coughJeepcough?


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