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Jeep Industry News & Rumors - Dispatch

Posted in News on April 1, 2008 Comment (0)
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Photographers: Courtesy Of Amtrak

The 3.0L diesel will also be avail- able in the Grand Cherokee Laredo X. Additionally, the cost of a Limited and Overland with the diesel will drop by $1,000.

Is a V-8 Wrangler on the way?Rumor is that it would be an all-new smaller Hemi V-8. Or will it be just in a concept vehicle and not for production?

Mopar is headed back into off-road racing with the Baja 1000. Is Jeep next?

The four-door Wrangler is headed for China.

Jeep's got its own GPS: the GPS RT 300 is a $399 unit with a 3.5-inch touchscreen, built-in MP3 player, video player, and eBook, with one million points of interest. Also: actual rubber tire tread on the outside.

Gale Banks will offer the BankSpeed line of extreme highperformance parts.

The photo appears to be the new BFGoodrich Baja TA KRT. Tread pattern resembles the Krawler's, doesn't it?

When you think of Michelin, you think of food, right? Well, start. The Michelin Guide is available for both Los Angeles and Las Vegas,with restaurants and ratings,from one to three. Those ratings are represented with stars, not burnouts.

Daredevil Evel Knievel rode the biggest jump of all-he has died at age 69.

According to the Daily Mail, a guy was recently accused of doing doughnuts on a golf course in his Jeep. Editor Cappa says he wasn't in West Virginia at the time, and his alibi seems to check out.

Google and TomTom are working together so that business addresses on Google Maps can be transferred to TomTom navigation systems.

"Silver is not a safe colour" is the headline from Monash University Accident Research Centre. All the weird spellings mean this news comes out of Australia. The researchers consider white to be the safest, black the most likely to be involved in a crash, and silver as the one to watch because of the high volume of sales of vehicles in that color-er, colour.

"Thanks to Al Gore, the auto industry has taken a beating over 'heavy-duty contribution' to global warming. But according to the latest UN FAO report, meat-based diets contribute to 18 percent of the greenhouse gases in the world- that's more than all cars, trucks, and other forms of transportation worldwide combined.
"-From the DVD
A Sacred Duty: Applying Jewish Values to Help Heal the World.

The '09 Dodge Ram's rear suspension will have coils instead of leaf springs.

Most disgusting injuries while wrenching? Third place goes to the person who had the corner of a toolbox peel away flesh on his lower back, about a 1/4-inch deep by 1/4-inch wide by 2-inch-long gash. Second place was when a Jeep started moving while the wrenching was going on underneath, and the person's head and leaf-spring frame hanger met. "When I came of the first things I saw was skin and hair hanging from the spring hanger."And First place goes to the concussion and gash that resulted from hitting the skull on the bottom of the vehicle door, requiring staples. Your order of most gross may vary, but we went with the one we had a photo of.

The staff's favorite trails include Golden Spike in Moab, the Tank Trap in Four Wheeler's Top Truck Challenge competition, and a nameless trail in northern New Jersey.

The staff's favorite four-wheeling tends to be speedy desert trails, big dunes, scenic slickrock, and mud or trail rides. Yes, you are astute-Jp likes it all.

Summer is preferred over winter.

Examples of books we'd want on a deserted island: Hot Money, Life on the Mississippi, and Survive on a Desert Island.

-Governor Schwarzenegger to Detroit, when he was accused of costing the auto industry $85 billion because of California's carbon fuel standards. Cali has filed a suit against the EPA for its "failure to act on California's request for a waiver to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks sold in the state." The wait for the decision from the EPA has been nearly two years so far.

March 1-3, Megarun 2008 hosted by the DFW Chapter of TX-4WD, Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area, near Gilmer, TX,

May 10, Mud for Blood hosted by the Georgia Bounty Runners,

May 15-17, Illini 4x4 Safari hosted by Two Rivers Jeep Club, Pittsfield, IL,

May 17-18, Iron Range Offroad Driving School, Iron Range OHV Park,

May 24-26, The Williamsburg Welfare Wheelers' Turtle Ridge Rock Challenge, Drummond Island, MI,

June 21-22, Iron Range Offroad Driving School, Iron Range OHV Park,

July 19-20, Iron Range Offroad Driving School, Iron Range OHV Park, Minnesota,

August 23-24, Iron Range Offroad Driving School, Iron Range OHV Park,

September 20-21, Iron Range Offroad Driving School, Iron Range OHV Park,

October 11-12, Iron Range Offroad Driving School, Iron Range OHV Park,

November 2, Annual Jeep & Motorcycle Toy Run sponsored by Blue Mountain Jeep Alliance and Classic Harley-Davidson, eastern PA,

This isn't the first time-or likely the last-you'll heard the Renegade name in reference to a Jeep. It now refers to a concept that, at press time, was only in scribble form, though next issue we should have the real thing. You'll want to pretend that the marketing people didn't actually use the phrase "suited for all weather delights." Other than that, the other particulars include it being "eco-friendly," though, duh, isn't that the tune of every vehicle nowadays? The designers went with the bare minimum of materials as a result. The two-seater has a small-displacement Bluetec diesel engine matched to a 40-mile lithium-ion battery pack, with a goal of helping the Renegade get better than 110 miles per gallon.

What happens when a world-famous rock band finally takes the stage for a full set for the first time in close to 30 years? Yes! A Jeep Patriot gets its wings! Or rather, gets a full-on Limited Edition Led Zeppelin tribute. RGVA in the UK was behind the Patriot's redo, and offered only seven models outside of North America. Led Zeppelin hasn't played a full set since a little vomiting incident back in 1980.

Remember the Jp Mayhem Tour, which was the road trip from Vegas to Sturgis? If not, check out the January '04 issue. We featured a mechanical bull from Gilley's in our Las Vegas hotel, the New Frontier Casino. The hotel was actually most famous for bikini bull-riding, though we didn't show that, and they wouldn't let Tech Editor Hazel ride in his Speedo. Anyway, the New Frontier Casino has been imploded. It was the second hotel ever to open on the Las Vegas Strip.

Imagine our thrill when this photo was spotted inside the 2007-2008 Amtrak America guide. It appeared in an item about Amtrak's sleeping-car Superliner.

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