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May 2010 Dispatch

Jeep Best Sellers
Tori Tellem | Writer
Posted May 1, 2010

Jeep News & Rumors

Three New Jeeps
Weren't you just saying to a buddy the other day, Hey, why don't they make the Islander package anymore? Yeah, we didn't think so, but Jeep thought you did, so now it's one of three new models available this year.

After 20 years off the market, the Islander has returned on the Wrangler and Unlimited. The most obvious sign that you've got your tropical on is the logo of Tiki Bob on the hood, accompanied by latitude and longitude coordinates that Jeep says point to an actual location. There are also black side steps, a Surf Blue Pearlcoat, a leather-wrapped steering wheel with blue stitching, and more blue throughout the interior. The MSRP for the Islander option is $1,120.

The Wrangler Mountain edition is based on the Sport S and has a Mountain decal on the hood and also latitude and longitude coordinates (while the Islander's relate to an island theme, this one's related to the mountain one). There's also 17-inch Moab Mineral Gray wheels mated to 32-inch rubber, grille and bumper appliqués, tube steps, a Mopar fuel-filler door, and black taillight guards. The MSRP for this one is $1,820, and it'll arrive later than the other two new Jeeps, in the second quarter of this year.

The Liberty regains the Renegade, which will fall between the Sport and Limited, and will have Selec-Trac, Mineral Gray Keystone 16-inch wheels, a special Salsa Red Pearlcoat, dark neutral metallic fender flares, fascias, side sills, and body side moldings, as well as silver accents, premium cloth seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, driftwood accents, and other unique features.

Jeep News & Rumors
•We're screwed-no plans for a diesel Wrangler in North America any time soon.

•Also screwed-owners of '10 Libertys, Commanders, and Grands (plus '09-'10 Dodge Rams and a few other Chrysler products). There is a recall due to a possible missing or improperly formed brake booster input rod retaining clip. The fix: Chrysler will replace it for free.

•Totally screwed: Consumer Reports has come out with its 2010 Car Brand Perception Survey, which scores vehicles on how consumers perceive (that's the key word) them in seven categories, including safety, quality, performance, and technology. Jeep fell among those in the worst column, although Hummer and Saab were some of the lowest scorers.

•Not screwed? The sales leaders of 2009. According to Automotive News, Subaru came out on top overall, but when it came to various market segments, the Wrangler won the SUV category, selling 82,044, which was 8,790 more than the Chevy Tahoe, in second.

•Also not screwed: the Wrangler again. CarMax says that for the first time, its top 10 list of most searched used vehicles for the year included this Jeep. The year being 2009.

•Very not screwed: Kelley Blue Book ranked Jeep as the top domestic brand in its 2010 Residual Value Study. It claimed that '10 Jeeps will maintain 35.7 percent of their original value five years after ownership, which is more than 3 percent above the industry average.

•Just screwy: An ad campaign for Jeep (and the other Chrysler brands) has the theme "Coming Home." Not exactly the beefy "Like a Rock" or "Zoom Zoom." So, how'd they settle on this one? Apparently, "Consumers do not realize that Chrysler Group has emerged from bankruptcy and is now a different company with a new alliance partner and a healthy product plan." Yeah, that probably would have been a little wordy as is.

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