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July 2011 Dispatch - Jeep News & Rumors

Posted in News on July 1, 2011 Comment (0)
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•Talk is heating up about a Jeep that’s a size capable of competing with the Mini Cooper.
•Re the above: So…see the ’08 Renegade concept.
•In February, Jeep sales were up 23 percent compared with February 2010.
•A book about Jay-Z claims there was going to be a Jay-Z edition of the Commander, with 22-inch rims, and special blue paint. Now we’re keeping our fingers crossed and bangs overgrown for a Justin Bieber–edition Jeep, like a Lieberty.
•On that note, it seems the next-gen Liberty will arrive in 2012, a year ahead of schedule. Expect it to reek of Fiat.
•Wrangler recall: More than 20,000 ’10-’11 Wranglers will be recalled for possible steering problems stemming from a “degradation of fastener torque for various front and rear axle attachments to the chassis module.” The fix will be for dealers to retorque the 19 fasteners. Questions? Call 800/853-1403.
•Jeep is trying to build a “photo mosaic” by giving everyone a chance to upload a fave Jeep photo on Facebook. Click the “Make History” tab on Jeep’s page.
•The Walter P. Chrysler Museum will have six sessions in its lecture/workshop series this year, including “70 Years of Jeep Heritage” on July 16. For more info on the others in the series and about tickets, go to
•U.S. News & World Report included the Wrangler in the article “Cars That’ll Look Good in 10 Years.” We concur. Except for the “cars” part.
•Fiat and GM will share ownership of VM Motori, which manufactures diesel engines. This can only mean diesels for Jeeps in North America, yes?
•Simply put, the Harris Interactive EquiTrend rankings show “which brands are doing it well,” with “it” referring to building brand loyalty. Consumers are surveyed, and equity for more than 1,200 brands in 46 categories is studied. For the 2011, in the category of automotive full line, Jeep landed in 11th position “at or above industry average equity scores.”

Renegade alive?
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Quote Without Story
“A PETA member who was deathly afraid of mice once donated her brand-new Jeep to PETA after a mouse popped out from beneath the glovebox. PETA gladly accepted both the Jeep and the mouse and will do the same for your Mazda6.”
—From a PETA blog. Mazda is recalling some Mazda6s because yellow sac spiders are making webs in a section of the fuel system, blocking the line. Dealers are installing a spring to prevent the itsy-bitsy spider from climbing up the spout again.

Industry News
•Free Superchips Flashpaq: Do you think you have the ugliest Jeep on your block? How about your town, or the entire nation? Show us by posting a pic of your ugly Jeep on the forums under the topic “Give me the Superchips, I have the ugliest Jeep ever!” We’ll pick a winner on July 5 and send the Superchips Flashpaq of your choice. Go to for product info and available applications.
•You can get an “Imported from Detroit” T-shirt (and other related merch) at
•MBRP Performance Exhaust is doing a JK diesel truck build: Jeep + Cummins. You can see loads of photos on the company’s Facebook page.
•B&M has acquired Flowmaster.
•Mercedes-Benz USA will offer driver’s ed for teens at the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy. Porsche, you have fewer than 10 years to get one up and running for Tech Editor Hazel’s kids.

Ugly-Jeep consolation prize.

Reader Quote Without Story*
(*as seen on the Jp magazine Facebook page)

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Auto Graphs
•Disney to probably put out a monthly mag called Cars based on the movie Cars. We’re already lobbying for Sarge as the mag’s first “Sexiest Man Alive.”
•Speaking of Cars, Cars 2 hits theaters on June 24 and will include a character called Rip Clutchgoneski from the Republic of New Rearendia.
•HID headlights have been around for more than 10 years, but apparently they aren’t gaining momentum like other safety features. Osram Sylvania Specialty Lighting noted that 22 percent of new vehicles in 2007 had HID standard or as an option. By 2015, the prediction is 38 percent.’s Trend Engine Report points to trucks and SUVs continuing to be what shoppers are most interested in when it comes to researching new, used, and certified preowned vehicles.
•Window stickers for used vehicles are now at The EPA fuel-economy estimates will include all vehicle models sold in the U.S. since 1984.
•NHTSA is flipping through data to determine whether burns from seat heaters are becoming an actual problem.
•If you’re a stamp collector, remain calm. If you other people like automotive stamps, remain calm. The postal service is releasing a commemorative stamp as a nod to the 100th anniversary of the first Indy 500, featuring that race’s winner, Ray Harroun and the Marmon Wasp.
•Now your GPS can deliver what will undoubtedly be not-crazy driving directions voiced by Gary Busey, thanks to, which develops celeb GPS voices. GB will navigate you with advice such as “be in the silence and let the journey be in the noise.” So, turn left?
•The American Public Transportation Association is predicting that as fuel prices go up, so will the number of Americans heading to public transportation.

Sarge Monthly already exists. It’s called Jp.
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Readers’ Rebuilds
We want to hear about your project Jeep! Send us photos of your garage project under construction. Don’t forget to include some details about your time-burglar. Send pics and info to with Readers’ Rebuilds in the subject line, or snail-mail Pete Trasborg, Jp Magazine, 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245.

Construction zone.

Employee Quote Without Story
“Can I wear a leather vest and a zipper mask?”
—Editor Cappa. We couldn’t explain the quote even if we tried. Something to do with Jp selling well and a compliment to the staff for a job well done. You now have a glimpse into why we all dread staff meetings.

This Month in Random Jeep History
•July 1940: Karl Probst, a consultant for Bantam, got a phone call to help fix what they were building for the army’s open call for a recon vehicle. The prototype was due at Camp Holabird about a week later.
•July 1941: The army asked for bids for production of the duh, winning Willys. Willys-Overland underbids Ford and Bantam and gets the contract.
•July 1946: Willys-Overland kicked off production of the all-steel, seven-passenger Jeep station wagon.
•July 1999: The Jefferson North Assembly Plant expanded.
•July 2005: Commander production began.
•July 2010: 1,000,000th compact vehicle rolls off Belvidere Assembly Plant line. It’s a Patriot.

Sadly, 999,999 no longer feels Patriot-ic.

Things To Do With Your Jeep
•May 15: Mud Bogs hosted by Tri County Four Wheelers, Libson, Ohio,
•May 29: Mud Bogs hosted by Tri County Four Wheelers, Libson, Ohio,
•June 17-19: Crawl 4 Christ hosted by UCORA, Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area, Harlan, Kentucky,
•June 18: Bracket Races hosted by Tri County Four Wheelers, Libson, Ohio,
•June 29: Mud Bogs hosted by Tri County Four Wheelers, Libson, Ohio,
•July 10: Mud Bogs hosted by Tri County Four Wheelers, Libson, Ohio,
•July 16: Getting Started Off-Road Driving hosted by Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Hungry Valley SVRA, Gorman, California,
•July 16: Bracket Races Under the Lights hosted by Tri County Four Wheelers, Libson, Ohio,
•July 17: Advanced Beginner Off-Road Driving hosted by Badlands Off-Road Adventures, El Paso Mountains, Mojave, California,
•July 23: Wine Safari hosted by Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Southern California,
•July 24: Mud Bogs hosted by Tri County Four Wheelers, Libson, Ohio,
•July 30: Sand Driving Clinic hosted by Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Oceano Dunes, Pismo, California,
•August 6: Getting Started Off-Road Driving hosted by Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Hungry Valley SVRA, Gorman, California,
•August 7: Advanced Beginner Off-Road Driving hosted by Badlands Off-Road Adventures, El Paso Mountains, Mojave, California,
•August 11-14: 44th Annual Sierra Trek hosted by the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs, near Truckee, California,
•August 12-14: Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival, Butler County Fairgrounds, Butler, Pennsylvania,
•August 14: Summer Mud Derby & 9th Annual Make-a-Wish Benefit, Smoke Run, Pennsylvania,
•August 15: Rubicon Trail hosted by Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Lake Tahoe, California,
•August 21: Mud Bogs hosted by Tri County Four Wheelers, Libson, Ohio,

Sierra Trek.

Want people to know about your club event? Follow the format below to increase your chances of your announcement appearing here in Jp. Feel free to provide a high-resolution photo related to the event (make it a minimum of 1600x1200 pixels or two megapixels in EPS or TIFF, or a maximum-quality JPEG).. You can snail mail info to Jp magazine, Things to Do With Your Jeep, 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245, or e-mail (make the subject line “Things to Do With Your Jeep”).
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