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August 2012 Dispatch Jeep News & Rumors

Posted in News on August 1, 2012
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Jeep engineers and a new Mopar off-road division will be offering products under the banner Jeep Authentic Parts and Accessories.

Apparently no one told them it did die.

The new downsize Jeep will be called Liberty. Or Cherokee. Kind of like the current Liberty. And Cherokee.

New Altitude models of the Grand Cherokee, Compass, and Patriot are in existence. See above.

That blacked-out Grand concept we showed you now has a name, thanks to Facebook fans: Altitude. Front-runners: Midnight and Obsidan. Now, hurry over to Jp’s Facebook page and join us, where we’re talking about all these fans behind their back.

Altitude at sea level.

See above the above: About the Altitude models: they have a blacked-out look—things like black gloss, chrome, and polished steel pretty much sum things up. We woulda named the new model “Goth,” but that probably wouldn’t sell too well to people not into nose studs and cutting themselves.

Jeep has signed a deal with an Italian football/soccer team, with the Jeep logo due to appear on the jerseys. Attempts to sell the Jeep brand worldwide continue.

Kiplinger has named 10 Cars That Refuse To Die, with the Cherokee taking a spot.

Quote Without Story
“[The Liberty replacement] will get a trail-rated version that will do all the weird, wonderful things that you want to do.”
—Sergio Marchionne, CEO Chrysler Group, according to Automotive News

Industry News
Miller Electric Mfg. has created the Miller Owner’s Club for customizing your visits to

Not medium rare. Weld done.

Miller the sequel: The Job Weld Done giveaway is in swing until December 31. Every month there’s a chance to win a Miller product, and three grand prizes will be awarded in January, including a NASCAR trip. Got to to enter each month.

Not as much fun as counting bottles of beer on the wall, but still somewhat fun—Bosch has counted its 75 millionth common-rail diesel system.

Many of this.

Currie Enterprises has moved from Anaheim, California, to a fancy-schmancy facility in Corona, California. They have not moved from their online facility at

We’ve moved! No we haven’t. They have.

Goodyear and NASA are developing the Spring Tire concept, with 800 load-bearing springs, making it capable of supporting heavy vehicles on gnarly terrain and for long distances. Better than the Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle? TBD.

BFGoodrich has named 2012 Outstanding Trail trails. Working in conjunction with Tread Lightly! and United Four Wheel Drive Associations, selections were the Blanca Peak Trail in Blanca, Colorado, the Bents and Dents Trail in Mount Olive, Alabama, and the Mirror Lake Trail in Sierra National Forest, California, which will each now see a grant of $4,000 going to the associated clubs for trail preservation.

Auto Graphs
Did you know Mitt Romney’s father was president of American Motors in the late ’50s and early ’60s?

Go to SEMA Action Network at to learn about a bill that failed to get a committee vote. Has to do with a California bill to exempt all motor vehicles prior to the ’81 model year from the emissions inspection requirement.

California Assemblyman Mike Gatto has submitted legislation that proposes the return of yellow-and-black and yellow-and-blue license plates for those interested in going retro.

The EPA has approved the first applications for making E15. That’s gas with 15 percent ethanol.

It was 1932 when the first Ford Flathead V-8 came to be. The calculator claims that’s 80 years ago.

Henry Ford and the Flathead. Henry’s in the suit.

U-Haul has named the top city destinations in 2011. Houston was in the first spot, followed by Orlando, Florida, Vegas, Chicago, and San Antonio. There were 45 others on the list, but we sorta think “top” expired after the initial five.

The ’13 Dodge Ram has a new look. It also has the new Pentastar V-6 worth 305hp and 269 lb-ft of torque, as well as the new, lightweight TorqueFlite 8 eight-speed automatic transmission (with a rotary e-shift dial, replacing the column and floor shifters). A new air suspension is also available, with two off-road settings for lifting 1.2 or 2 inches. It has an 11,500-pound towing capacity with the 5.7L Hemi.

It’s new.

Reader Quote Without Story*
*As seen on Jp’s Facebook page

august 2012 Dispatch reader Facebook Quote Photo 38682337

Jeep Has 2-Plus-Mil Facebook Likes. So What?
Yeah, we have an attitude. Why does Jeep’s Facebook page have more than 2 million likes and Jp’s Facebook page does not? You know what to do if you haven’t already. We want to kick their, um, whatever you kick on Facebook.

august 2012 Dispatch christian Hazel Facebook Quote Photo 38682343

New Jeep Concepts Jeep headed to Moab and brought along some concepts. Jeep is heading to the Beijing Auto Show and is bringing along a concept. Here they are.

Grand Cherokee Trailhawk
This should sum up this concept: new 18-inch Goodyear Wrangler SilentArmor tires were the first new feature mentioned in the press materials. You got it—it’s all about looks here. Nothing more we can say; see for yourself.

Wrangler Apache
This Jeep has a new Mopar 6.4L Hemi conversion kit, which allows the Wrangler to make 470hp and ditto that number in torque. You’ll be able to buy the kit this summer, and while for starters it’ll fit only the five-speed auto (W5A580), Mopar promises a six-speed manual is in the works. Other stuff on this concept includes Mopar Pro 60 5.13 axles and a 4½-inch Stage 3 long-arm suspension.

Mopar Accessorized Wrangler
Not exactly an inspired name, but it probably sounded less smarmy than More Than 250 Accessories Wrangler. It may not actually have every part Mopar offers, but it does include a 2-inch lift, Goodyear rubber, a Warn winch, and a few prototype pieces, like an add-a-trunk partition to create secure storage space in the back and windshield-mounted LEDs.

Year of the Dragon Wrangler
To give a nod to the Year of the Dragon—and to mark Chrysler’s return to the Chinese market—Jeep will bring along this may-be-offensive-to-look-at-because-it’s-taking-the-dragon-part-literally concept Wrangler to the upcoming Beijing Auto Show. Oh, wince, look what’s under the hood. This is a design experiment that could hit the market. Over there.

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Things To Do With Your Jeep
June 15: MI Off Road Off Road Experience, Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park, Harrison, Michigan,

June 17: Superlift Fall 4xAdventure, Superlift ORV Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas,

July 7: Rocks hosted by Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Johnson Valley, Lucerne Valley, California,

July 14: Getting Started Off-Road Driving hosted by Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Hungry Valley SVRA, Gorman, California,

July 15: Advanced Beginner Off-Road Driving hosted by Badlands Off-Road Adventures, El Paso Mountains, Mojave, California,

July 21: Rocks hosted by Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Johnson Valley, Lucerne Valley, California,

July 28: Sand Driving Clinic hosted by Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Oceano Dunes, Pismo, California,

July 29: Basic & Advanced Winching hosted by Badlands Off-Road Adventures, El Paso Mountains, Mojave, California,

August 3-5: Jeep Jam hosted by Muddy Buddys Jeep Wrangler Club, Wilmington, Ohio,

August 18-19: Pig Gig, Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park, Harrison, Michigan,

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