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Jeep News and Jeep Rumors

Posted in News on March 30, 2018
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Photographers: Courtesy of Manufacturers


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Jeep News & Rumors
•Should you buy new or used? Well, studied the stats for your answer—as in, 6 million new and used vehicles sold between August 1, 2017, to January 24, 2018, and prices of new vehicles were compared to 1-year-old vehicles. The findings were that nine new vehicles were shown to have better value when bought new over used, including the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, which was in the No. 1 spot. The Renegade grabbed No. 8. “Jeeps are known for retaining their value due to their durability and performance across all terrains,” said the site’s CEO Phong Ly. Read it here:
•Will getting the 2.0L diesel in your ’18 Jeep Wrangler cost you $3,000 in options (engine and eight-speed transmission)?
•Who’s the winner when it comes to the 2018 5-Year Cost to Own awards from Kelley Blue Book? You, if you own the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. It won the midsize SUV/crossover category as a vehicle with the lowest projected ownership cost (including things like insurance, depreciation, and fuel). Learn more about how it was selected here:
•How important was Super Bowl LII for the new Jeep Wrangler? checked on the bump to its brand and model pages during the TV commercials airing during the game and found the Wrangler got a 93 percent increase in traffic.
•A human with the legit nickname of “Jeep”? That would be Francis Sanza, who passed away at the age of 99. He got the nickname after doing early field-testing of a vehicle that would eventually become the Willys-Overland Jeep. He was also the driver of General George S. Patton’s Jeep during WWII.
•Is a settlement (mainly fines and recalls) between the Department of Justice and FCA over an alleged defeat device for ’14 to ’16 Jeep Grand Cherokees (and Ram 1500s) diesel engines imminent?
•Australia’s getting special Jeep Wrangler Rubicons? Say, maybe, something like a tuned-for-the-Outback suspension?
•History in the making: Looks like April 7, 2018, marked the official end of ’18 Jeep Wrangler production. Not to be confused with the start of ’18 Jeep Wrangler production. April is farewell to the model that was the JK.
•Talk of a Jeep Wrangler hybrid in 2020 is getting louder.
•Verbatim: “The Jurassic-Rex and velociraptors are on the loose! Your young adventurer knows just what to do—hop into their Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler vehicle and get moving! With awesome Jurassic Park graphics and styling, exciting dino-chase sounds, and a real working lightbar, kids will feel like they’re driving the real thing! Racing at a max speed of 5 mph over hard surfaces and grass with Power-Lock brakes and a parent-controlled high-speed lock out, young off-roaders will love steering Jurassic adventures in this exciting ride-on!” And it will only cost you about $300 from Fisher-Price:


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Industry News
•Product of the year? The Consumer Survey of Product Innovation named Valvoline’s Easy Pour Bottle as the winner in the Car Care category. Check out all the winners here:
•DynoMax has an offer for you through July 31, 2018: Get up to $100 back on a qualifying exhaust system via a mail-in promo. Visit
•Bestop has acquired PRP Seats, SpeedStrap (recovery straps and tie-downs), and Status Racing (racing seats and more).
•Is Dana Inc. sponsoring the August Toledo Jeep Fest?
•Bridgestone has a new tire for heavy-duty pickups and SUVs: the Blizzak LT. Think winter. But also think summer arrival to dealers.


Photo: UTI

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Auto Graphs
•Winner of King of the Hammers 2018? Jason Scherer.
•Ignite is a free (free!) program that’ll train high school juniors in the basics of transportation tech skills. It’s hands-on training and prep for testing to get course credit. It’s happening this summer at Universal Technical Institute and gives students a sampler platter of everything from diesel to collision repair. Learn more:
•Volkswagen tested diesel fumes on monkeys?
•What’s Sheprd? It’s ride-sharing for kids. What’s the wheels? Land Rovers.
•Once again, Los Angeles wins at losing. The INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard put the city on the top of the list for the world’s most gridlocked cities. Salt on wound: That’s six straight years:
•The ’19 Ram Lone Star is hitting Texas again—it’s available only in this state and has a unique set of badges as well as appearance packages and chrome and brightness.
•Ford said this: “Want to feel good? Forget kissing, football, and dancing. Get a sports car.” The Blue Oval said “preliminary research” claimed driving a sports car daily is a great way to boost wellbeing and emotional fulfillment. We’re going to focus on the words “preliminary research.”
•This can’t be good: The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety did in-depth research on drowsy driving and found that the percentage of crashes involving that is actually about eight times higher than what federal estimates have been.
•“Ephemeris” is the word NASA used to file away the SpaceX Tesla roadster launched into space. The use of that word makes it an officially recognized celestial object (as in, something outside of Earth’s atmosphere. Like, the moon would be its peer).
•The first SUV to ever climb Heaven’s Gate in China is the new Range Rover Sport PHEV, which took on the 45-degree staircase with 999 steps.
•Speaking of insane SUV tricks—Rolls-Royce is making an SUV…to be called Cullinan? There’s a famous diamond called Cullinan.
•CPO Price Advisor is a new feature at and on some dealer websites to assist with real-world vehicle pricing info.
•On that note, which cities are overspending on cars? WalletHub looked at the median auto-loan balance of a couple thousand cities in the U.S. and found cities that spent the least amount on vehicles were places like Scarsdale and Bronxville in New York. The most went to places such as Lake Placid, Florida, and San Juan, Texas. Find out the other places here:
•Is Audi working on a convertible SUV?
•The Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative has turned 10 years old. It’s all about helping to protect and improve access to public land, and so far, $3.5 million in both funding and equipment have helped the cause. You can watch a video here:


“Top Trending Terms:
Dog Car Seat
Dog Car Seat Covers
Car Seats for Dogs
Pet Car Seat Covers
Dog Car Hammock
Small Dog Car Seat
Dog Car Seat Belt
Dog Steps for Car.”
—From the Google Trends 2018 Auto Report, noting how in-vehicle search trends in the U.S. are currently being led by pets. Back-up cameras made the cut, too.


“They drove right up the middle of the stream, they effectively reamed the stream and glorified it. It is about the worst thing you can do to a stream.”
—Chris Wood, CEO of Trout Unlimited, to the Reno Gazette-Journal, regarding the Jeep Wrangler Super Bowl ad. Jeep responded by noting it was a man-made stream on private land.


“Bruiser Conversions is proud to offer a complete conversion kit for a 2018 JL with a crate GM performance LS3 producing 450 lbs. of torque bolted up to the 8 speed factory JL automatic fully on the bus with all factory options that came with JL. Bruiser operates the LS with the factory Chrysler computer to maintain all VIN. Supplied options such as cruise control, tap start, etc.”
—@bruiserconversions, talking dirty to you, us, and everyone on Instagram


Help Jeep Design a New Wrangler for 2030
Here’s a pretty cool opportunity if you’re a high school student: The Fiat Chrysler Product Design Office is holding its sixth annual Drive for Design competition, and if you’re in grade 10-12, you get to design a Jeep Wrangler for 2030. The contest is all about automotive design, and winners can score things like a behind-the-scenes trip to the design studio, a two-week design course, and more. The deadline is fast, fast, fast approaching, and may even have happened by the time you read this, but still visit to learn more about this annual event and to check out sketches and lots of other Wrangler-y things.


Where Do You Read Jp Magazine?
Here’s Lester Sendecki of Colorado being Lester Sendecki of Death Valley, for the third time in life. Seen: Him, with us in hand, at Aguereberry Point in Panamint Range. Not seen: his ’15 two-door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

Now, where do you read Jp Magazine? Well, if you read it in a unique or cool location, we want to see a photo of that—and don’t bother with a toilet photo, please. The photo should show you, the magazine, and the location, all in one. Email the photo and information about you to with the subject line “Jp on Location.” Show and tell! Answer these questions for us in your email:

Your name:
Where you’re from:
Where the photo was taken:
What you’re doing/why you’re at that location:
Photo requirements are JPG (maximum quality), BMP, or TIFF file at 1,600 by 1,200 pixels (around 2 megapixels or the original size from your phone/device). It probably goes without saying that your copy of Jp Magazine should be seen with you in the photo.


We Need Your Stuck or Broken or Military Jeep!
We want your Jeep for our Sideways department! Here are ways you can get your Jeep in in Jp Magazine!
Your broken parts or broken Jeep: Did you have an epic snap, blow-up, or breakage? How about an insane trail repair? Photo or it didn’t happen.
Stuck/Flopped/Rollover: Send us your four-wheeling mess.
Vintage and Military Jeep: We like old-timey and military things, like with your father or grandfather, or even modern service.
Jeep Road Trip: A photo from your best road trip that took place in a Jeep. The Jeep needs to be in the photo in a landmark location. Like the Travelocity gnome.

Follow this format:
Your name and your city/state:
Year/make/model of your Jeep/military Jeep:
Where the photo took place:
Describe what we are seeing in the photo/other info we may need to know:
Why the photo means a lot to you/lesson learned/your takeaway:

In addition to the words, here are the photo requirements:
--JPG (maximum quality), BMP, or TIFF file.
--1,600 by 1,200 pixels (around 2 megapixels or the original size from your phone/device).
--No PDFs or other formats. We just can’t use them in the magazine. They won’t reprint.
--Email the materials to with the subject line, “Sideways”


Where the Jeeps Are
Having an event in 2018? Let us know! Remember the magazine needs about four months of advance warning. Just follow these steps:
Name of event:
Date(s) of event:
City/State of event:
Name of venue (if applicable):
Website for readers to learn more about your event:
Have a high-resolution photo from a previous event? Feel free to send it to us and we might just include it. Photo requirements are JPG (maximum quality), BMP, or TIFF file at 1,600 by 1,200 pixels (around 2 megapixels or the original size from your phone/device).
Send the info and photo to:
Make your subject line, “Where the Jeeps Are”

The Great Willys Picnic, Show, and Swap Meet
June 10, 2018
Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern Railroad
Kempton, Pennsylvania

Scrambler Owners Association 15th Annual National Scramble Event
June 21-23, 2018
Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch
Seymour, Missouri or

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