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Jeep News and Jeep Rumors

Posted in News on September 1, 2018
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Photographers: Courtesy of Manufacturers


Photo: Courtesy of Craigslist

Jeep News & Rumors

•Will a Jeep Grand Cherokee capable of a lot of self-driving feats be available in 2020?
•We’re also wondering about the likelihood of a Jeep Grand Wagoneer Hellcat.
•The Italian Carabinieri Corps, which is both police force and armed force, has added a Jeep Wrangler to its fleet. We’re gonna go with Google Translate’s translation of their Instagram post about it (@armadeicarabinieri) because we think it says what we all think about Wranglers: “The new #jeep #wrangler of the #carabinieri, delivered to the weapon of #fca on loan for free use. Equipped with a #turbodiesel 2.8 CRD engine, it is able to operate even on the most inaccessible terrains, such as sand.”
•We’re going to let Craigslist translate this for-sale post because we think it says what we’re all thinking about an ’84 DJ-5M postal Jeep done up Star Wars–style: “This old Jeep delivered the mail for the U.S. not too long ago. Now it’s delivering photon beams to the Rebels while simultaneously delivering smiles to the faces of children. Rolls, starts, runs like crap. Bring a TRAILOR [sic]. Burns and leaks oil, leaks a little gas from fuel filler neck, original carb.”
•SEMA gave the auto-shop students at the Early College Opportunities Applied Science Magnet School (ECO) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a ’95 Jeep Wrangler to build with donated aftermarket parts; then they sell it, with the proceeds going right back into the program for the 2018-2019 school year. “Students will learn many real-world auto tech skills and the project will promote the interest and knowledge of young people in the accessorization, customization, building and/or upgrade of motor vehicles using aftermarket auto parts,” the school said at the start of the project. Well, the Jeep sold—the project raised $56,175 for the new school year.
J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study: The Jeep brand managed to show big improvements over 2017 in a study about “owners’ emotional attachment and level of excitement across 77 attributes, ranging from the power they feel when they step on the gas to the sense of comfort and luxury they feel when climbing into the driver’s seat.”


Industry News

•Bill Reminder, the CEO and president of Truck Hero, has won EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Michigan and Northwest Ohio award. The nod has to do with entrepreneurs showing innovation, financial success, and commitment to their business and community.
•It was 1993 when Curt Manufacturing was founded. That makes the trailer-hitch company 25 years old.
•Bridgestone has teamed up with Akron Public Schools in Ohio, so there will now be a Bridgestone Academy of Applied Engineering and Technology (automotive, welding, and more), plus a Firestone Complete Auto Care center will come to the East Community Learning Center. Hands-on experience and business practices will be among the offerings for up to 100 students.
•BFGoodrich and World Surf League joined together for the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing, making BFG the official tire.
•Goodyear is heading to space again? It’s doing an experiment that will study silica particles (used in tires) in a project with the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory. It involves microgravity conditions and figuring out whether “unique forms of precipitated silica should be considered in tires” for performance.
•Hankook is donating $175,000 to Disabled American Veterans, specifically the DAV Mobile Service Office program. The tiremaker has been a partner of DAV for four years now, which gives free services to veterans.


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Auto Graphs

•The Detroit Auto Show will be moving from winter to summer come 2020. There are rumors it could also be renamed (official current name: North American International Auto Show).
•Ford has been beekeeping since 2016. It started doing so at its Rouge Factory and has now added six hives to its Dearborn headquarters. Believe it or not, honeybees are on the decline, so Ford is trying to help grow the population as well as green its facilities. Honeybee pollination is important for our food supply too, like for almonds and berries.
•If you live in Texas, know that July is the month in which the most vehicle thefts or break-ins happen, according to Allstate Insurance. Then again, if you live in Texas, you probably already know this.
•Volvo and FedEx have been taking their truck-platooning tech to the real world—the Triangle Expressway, aka N.C. 540 in North Carolina. Why’s it important? “This marks the first public on-highway showcase of platooning technology between a major truck manufacturer and a transportation company in the U.S.” What’s platooning? Simplistic answer: linking vehicles with connective technology, so that they can do things like maintain a close distance. FedEx: “When trucks can drive closely behind one another, fuel efficiency is improved as a result of reduced drag. Drag accounts for up to 25 percent of a truck’s total fuel consumption, and the closer the trucks drive to each other, the greater the fuel-saving potential. Reducing the traveling distance between vehicles also allows for greater highway utilization, helping alleviate traffic congestion.”
•While we’re talking Volvo…it commissioned The Harris Poll to talk to Americans for Volvo Reports: Decluttering the State of Luxury. Findings: 91 percent felt better when their vehicles were decluttered, and 62 percent of parents felt the need to declutter their vehicles more than other spaces. Read more here:
•What to do when you’re Ram and you’re offering two ’19 Ram 1500s at the same time, but one is all new and one is all old. Slap the emblem “Classic” on the older body style.
•Enterprise has opened its 10,000th rental-car locale.
•Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame inductees for 2018: Jim Bramham, Johnny Campbell, Mark McMillin, Robbie Pierce, Ed Robinson, and Cameron Steele.
•A survey done by Autolist had to do with recalls. For example, 89 percent of those polled said they thought dealerships should be required to let buyers know if there’s a recall on a vehicle, and if it has been fixed. And 55 percent said they looked at a vehicle’s recall status prior to making a purchase. Read all the results here:
•The Bentayga Diesel SUV from Bentley is a big deal because it’s the first time Bentley has had a diesel engine in a vehicle. This one makes 429 horses and 664 lb-ft of torque.
•The Seetroën glasses from Citroën are designed to prevent carsickness. There’s a colored liquid that “recreates the horizon line” to keep your senses in sync. These glasses fit over regular glasses.
•Have you heard of ReachNow? Probably not, since it’s part of BMW’s Mobility Services Division. But you might hear about it moving forward, since it’s unique, as it’s an app for both car sharing and ride hailing.
•There’s a new organization within the Blue Oval: Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC.
•The groundbreaking has happened for the Gordie Howe International Bridge, which will connect the U.S. and Canada.
•Thinking you might go electric? The UK will require vehicle chargers in all new homes being built. Is the U.S. next?


“It is true that 2016 and 2017 were hard for us, but 2018 has potential. We have the right products for the market now and the prospect of more to come. The Wrangler is an icon and underpins Jeep’s authenticity as one of very few brands that gives every car it sells genuine off-road ability. Other SUV brands are going in other directions, but let’s say that Jeep will never make a coupé. Our heart is in 4x4.”
—Arnaud Leclerc, managing director FCA Group UK and Ireland, to Autocar


“At these price points that we're seeing, [a subscription service] virtually makes no sense to anyone. If you went the other route versus the subscription cost…you could essentially have two…you can make your own miniature fleet. You don't even need to use their program. So, it's not going to be worthwhile for a lot of people who are going to do the math. It's just a rich person’s toy.”
—Edmunds senior analyst Ivan Drury during a presentation of industry trends to Automotive News, regarding automakers now offering vehicle subscription services. Jeep is said to be planning to do it as well.


“While running FCA is a wider, broader job than running Jeep and Ram, Manley has been a loyal and worthy lieutenant to Marchionne for years.”
—Rebecca Lindland, executive analyst for Kelley Blue Book, to The Detroit News. Sergio Marchionne, the CEO of Fiat Chrysler and the man largely credited with saving Chrysler after the government bailout and Great Recession, passed away at age 66. Mike Manley, the head of Jeep, has been named as his successor.


What’s New for Jeep’s 2019 Models

There are big and slight changes to the various Jeeps for the 2019 model year. Here are a few things you might notice as different:

Grand Cherokee: Like it or not, all Grands now have blind-spot monitoring with rear-crosspath detection for your safety. There’s also the new Limited X, which gets a performance hood, unique fascias, and Heritage perforated seats. The Overland also gets a pinch of Heritage, a new 20-inch wheel. The Summit gets a special optional 20-incher.

Cherokee: There’s a new 2.0L turbocharged inline-four under the hood (so, expect better acceleration and fuel economy over the V-6). Looks-wise, the front end got a redo, including a new lightweight aluminum hood and a fresh take on the fascia. Jeep Active Drive I was retooled and shed 17 pounds in the process, and the rear suspension was improved for ride quality. There’s also more rear cargo space.

Compass: Meet the Upland edition, which has 17-inch rims, a Trackhawk fascia, and a black theme, including the roof, grille, and towhooks. It also features a bright-chrome exhaust tip and skidplate up front. The Limited models have access to the High Altitude Appearance Package, which is essentially Gloss Black meets Satin Gloss Granite.

Renegade: Engine news here—the all-new 177hp 1.3L with the nine-speed trans is standard for Trailhawk and Limited. The exterior got some newness, in the form of the fascia and grille surround and the aluminum wheels. With the exception of the Trailhawk, there are now active grille shutters and engine start-stop.

Wrangler: You expected an improvement to the Wrangler? As in, 2018’s complete overhaul wasn’t enough for you?


You Can’t Spell Jeep Without Jeeps

Jp Magazine reader Joe Barrenger sent us this pic of his club, the Southern Indiana Jeep Militia, when they assembled Jeeps in a field to spell out “Jeep.” Take a moment to imagine the coordination. And then take another moment to imagine yourself being that one person who could not park correctly and held it all up, making everyone want to repark and spell out another four-letter word in your honor.


Where Do You Read Jp Magazine?

Take it away, Lynn Stermolle: “I was one of 14 former U. S. Marines and one U.S. Navy combat Corpsman selected to return to a significant battle site for each of us in Vietnam by The Greatest Generations Foundation (TGGF) and its founder, Timothy Davis. We were all rifle company (grunt) Marines, plus one combat U.S. Navy Corpsman, who fought the Vietnam War in the I corps (just south of the DMZ) area in 1968-1969 during the Tet Offensive. One of TGGF’s goals is to help U.S. veterans rid themselves of any remaining demons. They were successful with us. Anyway, back to Jeep business...I like to read Jp Magazine anywhere, but especially when I visit Hue (pronounced ‘way’) City, Vietnam.”

Now, where do you read Jp Magazine? Well, if you read it in a unique or cool location, we want to see a photo of that—and don’t bother with a toilet photo, please. The photo should show you, the magazine, and the location, all in one. Email the photo and information about you to with the subject line “Jp on Location.” Show and tell! Answer these questions for us in your email:
Your name:
Where you’re from:
Where the photo was taken:
What you’re doing/why you’re at that location:
Photo requirements are JPG (maximum quality), BMP, or TIFF file at 1,600 by 1,200 pixels (around 2 megapixels or the original size from your phone/device). It probably goes without saying that your copy of Jp Magazine should be seen with you in the photo.


We Need Your Stuck or Broken or Military Jeep!

We want your Jeep for our Sideways department! Here are ways you can get your Jeep in in Jp Magazine!
Your broken parts or broken Jeep: Did you have an epic snap, blow-up, or breakage? How about an insane trail repair? Photo or it didn’t happen.
Stuck/Flopped/Rollover: Send us your four-wheeling mess.
Vintage and Military Jeep: We like old-timey and military things, like with your father or grandfather, or even modern service.
Jeep Road Trip: A photo from your best road trip that took place in a Jeep. The Jeep needs to be in the photo in a landmark location. Like the Travelocity gnome.

Follow this format:
Your name and your city/state:
Year/make/model of your Jeep/military Jeep:
Where the photo took place:
Describe what we are seeing in the photo/other info we may need to know:
Why the photo means a lot to you/lesson learned/your takeaway:

In addition to the words, here are the photo requirements:
—JPG (maximum quality), BMP, or TIFF file.
—1,600 by 1,200 pixels (around 2 megapixels or the original size from your phone/device).
—No PDFs or other formats. We just can’t use them in the magazine. They won’t reprint.
—Email the materials to with “Sideways” as the subject line.


Where the Jeeps Are

Having an event in 2018? Let us know! Remember the magazine needs about four months of advance warning. Just follow these steps:
Name of event:
Date(s) of event:
City/State of event:
Name of venue (if applicable):
Website for readers to learn more about your event:
Have a high-resolution photo from a previous event? Feel free to send it to us and we might just include it. Photo requirements are JPG (maximum quality), BMP, or TIFF file at 1,600 by 1,200 pixels (around 2 megapixels or the original size from your phone/device).
Send the info and photo to:
Make your subject line “Where the Jeeps Are”

Brawley Cattle Call Parade—United Way of Imperial County “Parade of Jeeps”/Trail Run
November 10-11, 2018
Brawley, California
760/355-4900 to register

MTOD info:

Sept 21 Auto Mundial
Motorsport Mundial
Sept 22 LIVE! DTM Championship, Spielberg
LIVE! European Le Mans Series - Qualifying, Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
LIVE! FIA Formula 3 Championship, Spielberg
LIVE! Michelin Le Mans Cup - Race 1, Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
Sept 23 LIVE! European Le Mans Series, Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
LIVE! Michelin Le Mans Cup - Race 2, Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
Sept 24 Hot Rod Garage, Ep. 68
Sept 26 Head 2 Head, Ep. 107
Sept 28 Auto Mundial
Motorsport Mundial
Sept 30 LIVE! Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup, Barcelona, Spain
Oct 1 Roadkill, Ep. 76
Oct 3 FIA World Rallycross, USA
Mobil 1 The Grid, Program 17
Put Up or Shut Up, Ep. 10
Oct 4 British Touring Car Championship, Silverstone
Oct 5 Auto Mundial
Motorsport Mundial
Oct 6 LIVE! Virgin Australia Supercars, Bathurst
Oct 7 LIVE! Virgin Australia Supercars, Bathurst
Oct 8 Roadkill Garage, Ep. 36
Oct 10 Engine Masters, Ep. 40
Oct 12 Auto Mundial
Motorsport Mundial
Oct 13 LIVE! 24H GT Series/24H Touring Car Endurance Series, 12H Spa - Qualifying and Race Part 1
LIVE! 24H GT Series/24H Touring Car Endurance Series, 12H Spa - Race Part 2
LIVE! DTM Championship, Hockenheim
LIVE! FIA Formula 3 Championship, Hockenheim
LIVE! Formula Drift, Las Vegas, NV
Oct 14 LIVE! FIA Formula 3 Championship, Hockenheim
Oct 15 Dirt Every Day, Ep. 82
Oct 17 Mobil 1 The Grid, Program 18
Oct 18 British Touring Car Championship, Brands Hatch
FIA World Rallycross, Germany
Oct 19 Auto Mundial
Motorsport Mundial
Oct 20 LIVE! Virgin Australia Supercars, Gold Coast
Oct 21 LIVE! Virgin Australia Supercars, Gold Coast
Oct 22 Hot Rod Garage, Ep. 69

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