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Geared up

Posted in News on November 3, 2012 Comment (0)
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Because of the frequency with which I pull headers, I've developed a technique.   Okay, so most of the technique is cursing... but after it is all welded up and reassembled that's where the tape comes in. You see, I've found over the years, that the flange to block bolts stay tighter longer if you tighten them while hot. But, I got tired of burning my arms twice a year. It was different when I worked in the pizza place and burns were just a part of it...but nowadays I'd rather not have huge blisters and stripes on my arms. So, I use a mechanix glove, my leather welding jacket, and duct tape the two together to keep my wrist from getting burned when stretching for those hard-to-reach bolts. I'm surprised my neighbors haven't called the paddy wagon for me yet.  

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