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Hammers Week Kicks Off With King Of The Motos

Posted in News on February 2, 2014 Comment (0)
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Hammers Week Kicks Off With King Of The Motos

Author: Shaun Ochsner Photos: Shaun Ochsner


The 2014 King Of The Hammers week kicked off in Johnson Valley with the 3rd Annual King of The Motos race. This year the King of The Motos race featured a 2 day format with qualifying on Saturday and 2 races on Sunday. Defending King, Cody Webb took the top qualifying spot. It was no surprise when Webb was the first bike across the finish line in Stage 1.


Stage 2 was no different. The riders started "Le Mans" style, off their bikes with motors turned off. When Hammers promoter Dave Cole dropped his arms, it was a mad dash to get the bikes fired up and race down the sandy hill to the rock waterfalls of Chocolate Thunder. 65 riders squeezed through the tight rock sections jockeying for positions. Line choice was extremely critical. The top riders wasted no time getting to the top of Chocolate Thunder and on to the rest of the course.



Several riders struggled to make it over the top of the large boulders, some laying their bikes down in exhaustion.


Checkpoints began reporting leaders passing them and of course Cody Webb was in the lead. Webb, a 25 year old 3-time X Games Gold Medalist trained for the King Of The Motos by pushing his bike up rocky creek beds to build endurance. As the leaders neared the last checkpoint, it was reported Webb had a rear flat tire.


Webb would continue to push forward. He ended up taking the checkered flag in front of factory KTM rider Taylor Robert.


An honorary Kurt Caselli award was given to the rider who showed the best sportsmanship out on the course. Steve Behunin was the recipient of that award. Other wins went to Michael Allen in Sportsman and Morgan Tanke in the women's class.

On Monday there will be a shoot-out at Backdoor for the 4-wheeled vehicles. Stay tuned to Dirt Sports Nation for a link to live coverage from King Of The Hammers and daily updates.

King Of The Motos Results 1. Cody Webb 2. Taylor Robert 3. Graham Jarvis 4. Kyle Redmond 5. Noah Kepple 6. Mitch Carvolth 7. Kale Elworthy 8. Ty Tremaine 9. Travis Coy 10. Peter Weiss

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