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In a Relationship

Posted in News on October 13, 2012
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Contributors: SerneVimons

 So I am a life long car guy. My first car was a '83 CJ-7, since then I have had many many many cars, like to the point that it might be a problem...if I did not work at a car magazine. Or at least that's how I'll justify it.  Anyways I went through a Mustang fad for a few years in high school and college. I had a metallic light blue '67 coupe with an auto and a 289 V-8, it was a truly beautiful car in my opinion. I also had a white '91 LX notch-back with a 5.0L and a t-5 five-speed, that thing was a sleeper that was very fast. I used it for drifting before drifting was drifting. Its a miracle I did not wad that thing up in a ditch. I then went back to things with 4WD and spent a few years in an '85 4Runner SR5. I then got my first Cherokee, and a few years later in 1999 I drove past a stockish tan flatfender for sale on the side of the road in NC. I called the number and arranged to test drive the little Jeep (pictured). The Willy's broke down on the test drive, and was generally pretty rough all round, but I had to have it. The Saturn overdrive was the cause of the breakdown, and I knew enough to know I could haggle for price for a non-driving Jeep and pull the OD and run the stock input gear. I bought the Flattie, Its a '49 CJ3-A. Since I have had 2 more XJs, Two TJs, one WJ, two YJs, a CJ-5, a J10...oh and somewhere in there a '01 Subaru WRX bug-eye wagon. Since then many of these Jeeps have gotten boring and I sold them, but I still have that '49 CJ3-A, course its a bit different than when I bought it nearly 14 years ago (pictured on the dune). I think the second longest car i ever owned might have been my '67 Mustang, or maybe one of the XJs. I  may have owned one of those for 6 years. I am a nut, but I don't think I'd sell the flattie unless a pretty unreasonably large amount of cash was in play.

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