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Jeep MPG Masters

Posted in News on October 12, 2012
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Contributors: Jp Tech Editor

Now that fuel has hit more than $5/gallon in some places, I'm putting together some fuel-saving Jeep options for a future issue of Jp. From off-the-shelf factory options to built trail machines, I'll report real-world mileage figures for several different combos. As part of my research (well, I was doing some tire testing as well) I recently drove my little Why-J project Jeep from San Diego to Johnson Valley and back. The trip has some pretty drastic elevation changes and going through Palm Springs on I-10 I had about a 50-60 mph headwind both ways. I did the speed limit on all the roads there and back but (as usual) wasn't very kind to the little four-popper, leaving the accellerator matted to the floorboard for many long, climbing stretches. The Jeep's specs are: essentially stock '89 TBI-injected 2.5L four-cylinder, AX15 transmission, NP231 T-case, 4.88 gears in the Dana 30/Dana 35 axles, selectable lockers, and 31-inch Toyo Open Country AT II tires on 15x8 steel wheels. What would you guess my overall mileage for the whole trip was? That's driving to Johnson Valley, spending a day wheeling in sand, rocks, and whoops, and driving home. Go to our facebook page and enter your guess to the nearest 100th of a gallon (ie 00.00 mpg). Whoever gets the closest by 10:00am on Monday morning, October 15, 2012 will win a handful of Jp magazine stickers and a Jp Magazine babydoll T-shirt for that Jeep-loving lady. Good luck!

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