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Meet Top Truck Judge Dan Black!

Posted in News on May 21, 2013
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Meet Top Truck Challenge 2013 judge Dan Black! Occupation: "I'm a diesel mechanic for my 9-to-5 job, been doing that for 23 years and I'm a lieutenant for the San Juan Bautista fire department also. Trail rig: '90 Chevy truck, Dana 60, Detroit Locker, 14-bolt, Detroit Locker, 454ci TBI, TH400 tranny, Doubler, High Angle drivelines, CTMs, drive flanges. Q How many years have you been associated with TTC?  A "Been helping at TTC since 1999. I forgot when I started being a judge, it has been too many years, lol." Q What is your favorite TTC event? A "I like the Mini Rubicon because it gives me a break from all the running I do, lol." Q What is one your most memorable TTC moments? A "Most memorable moment was when the husband/wife team of Wayne and Addie Sheeley went upside-down in Mud Hole 2. I think it was in the Trap and we pulled them out from under the water. Wow, that was scary, but luckily we had planned for it and we all were ready for it."  

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