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Most common questions about my truck

Posted in News on March 7, 2013
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Contributors: Jp Editor

  Despite it being a fairly uncommon Jeep truck, there really are only a few questions people ask me about my 4x4. So here are a few of the questions I get asked most often and their answers. 1: What kind of truck is that? It's a '73 Jeep J-2000. It has an AMC 360 V-8, T-18 four-speed manual truck tranny, Dana 20 transfer case, and it comes with Dana 44 axles front and rear. The frontend is a less-desirable closed-knuckle version of the popular Dana 44. I have swapped out the rear 44 for a Ford 9-inch that I yanked from an '80s F-150 in the junkyard. 2: Where did you find the lumber rack?  It's a Smittybilt universal lumber rack that fits many different makes and models (PN18604). I cut six inches off of each of the legs so it better matched the bodylines of my truck. I also had to notch a few bolt holes so it would fit the width of the J-truck bed. 3: How do you keep the front Dana 44 alive with 37-inch tires? Honestly, I don't know how it survives! The closed-knuckle 44 is basically a weak Dana 25 from the knuckle out. The stub shafts and U-joints are tiny. I left the front differential open and I go somewhat easy on the throttle. No throttle hopping. I suppose the fact that I carry lots of spares causes the shafts to refuse to fail. The day I stop carrying the spare axleshafts would likely be the day I need them. Any other questions about my off-road lumber truck? Post 'em up!   

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