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SEMA 2013 Jeeps

Posted in News on November 6, 2013
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Everyone knows are crotchety old men who like crotchety old Jeeps. The thing is, eve we can’t deny the popularity of the JK. And, we’ll even admit to knowing why: They are more comfortable and perform better out of the box than any Jeep that came before. Not only that they are easy as hell to modify and upgrade and actually improve upon both aspects.

That said, now that ever Tom, Dick, and Harry loves the new Wrangler, everyone is building them. That means that not only people who are real off-roaders are involved, but grandma, the mime down the street, and the dog’s bus driver are also building JKs.

We can say that is cool because it promotes aftermarket companies to build aftermarket parts. A little less cool is that some of these companies don’t get the off-road thing and it can result in some Jeeps that us off-roaders look at as pretty horrible. So, as part of our ongoing SEMA 2013 coverage, we decided to bring you 3 days of Jeeps. And, yes, two of the days are going to be JKs from this writer. The first day will be JKs we liked, the second day is going to be just funny (or sad), and the third is going to be cool non-JK Jeeps. See more at

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