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The Bright Lights of Vegas

Fred Williams
| Brand Manager, Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off Road
Posted November 8, 2013

Lots-O-Lights at SEMA

The SEMA show was AWASH in light this year, LED light bars that is. In fact the light bar market seems FLOODED with offerings as almost every truck or 4x4 at SEMA was sporting a bar of lights. In addition to numerous show trucks sporting light bars there were also many light companies displaying lights for sale and more than a handful of companies willing to manufacture and import light bars from over seas. We can't vouch for the type of quality output from all of them, nor are we currently sure which bright light to tell you to walk towards in this mesmerizing glow of new lighting products (though we plan on finding the best and BRIGHTEST in the future) but there's no denying that the light bar market is on full blast.


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