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The Ultimate Dana 60 Axle Assembly for the Jeep JK Wrangler

Posted in News on November 5, 2014
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Finally, after years of teasing they're here: the Ultimate Dana 60 for the Jeep Wrangler JK from Dana. These heavy duty axle assemblies were designed specifically for the real-world JK enthusiast who actually uses their big-tire Wrangler off-road in hardcore terrain. These Dana 60s give you a significant bump in off-road strength without giving up OE-spec quality control?

The front Ultimate Dana 60 is a high-pinion design using a huge 10-inch ring gear and an electric locker. The special high-clearance center section angles the high-strength modular iron diff cover up away from trail obstacles and ribbed reinforcements help prevent hang-ups on rocks and obstacles. The front axle tubes are big 3 1/2-inch-diameter, 0.370-wall material and house 35-spline inner and outer axle shaft with huge Dana 70-sized U-joints. The knuckles feature flat tops for high-steer arms (a passenger-side drag link arm is standard) and provisions for a traditional tie-rod mount. A true spindle with serviceable inner and outer bearings, Warn hubs, and huge rotors and brakes with an 8-on-6.5 bolt pattern make up the outers. High-strength brackets are welded on. Gear choices are 4.88 or 5.38.

The rear Ultimate Dana 60 is a standard-rotation center section with a traditional 9.75-inch ring gear. Like the front, a modular iron diff cover hides either 4.88 it 5.38 gears and an electric locker. Brackets are high-strength steel and the rear track bar bracket is raised to work better with suspension lifts. The rear axle tubes are 3 1/2-inch-diameter, 0.390-wall material. Axle shafts are 35-spline full-float units and the massive disc brakes share the 8-on-6.5 pattern do the fronts.

Together they're a bolt-in, one-stop solution to upgrade your JK's axles for hardcore off-road use. Expect a street price for a pair of axles (front and rear) ready to run around $11,000.

Dana Aftermarket Group,

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