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Top Truck Challenge 2013

Posted in News on June 7, 2013
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Ten questions for Top Truck Challenge 2013 competitor Joshua Middleton, driving a '79 Ford Bronco.  Q What TTC event are you most looking forward to?  A "The Tank Trap, because I'm looking forward to letting it all hang out and burying my Bronco in the Trap." Q What TTC event are you not looking forward to? A "The Obstacle Course, because from the top of the hill looking down it looks steep as ****." Q When in a tough spot are you more likely to throttle out or think it through? A "Throttle out. I have a heavy foot." Q Are you making changes to your rig before TTC? A "Yes. New 460ci engine with 500-plus horses and I doved the front end for better visual." Q How is your spotter/co-driver training for TTC? A "Hard to train for the toughest event in 4x4 wheeling, but it helps to watch previous TTC videos sold at 4Wheel Parts stores." Q If you could go wheeling anywhere in the world, where would that be? A "I'd go to Hollister Hills, California, for TTC, because it is the challenge of a lifetime and it has been my dream for the last 10 years." Q What's playing on your iPod/CD player right now? A "Disturbed." Q What was the last movie you watched? A TTC 2012. LOL. I told you I'm serious about TTC." Q Do you have an aversion to poison oak, wild boar, or submerged engines? A "No." Q What's one thing people should know about you? A "I'm always willing to help anybody that needs it. I believe what goes around comes around. Second, I'm a family man, love my wife and kids. Third and foremost, I love to wheel." 

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