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Workin' Jeep

Posted in News on December 20, 2012
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Contributors: Jp Tech Editor

I've been tinkering away at my '72 J4000. It needed a bit of attention, but overall it's in good shape. I love a project you can drive as you work on. So far I've only had to do little stuff to it like fix some wires chewed up by rats, replace some rotten fuel and vacuum lines, and install some new wheels and tires. Otherwise, the previous owner took pretty good care of this old Jeep and was dilligent about its upkeep. I'm going to resist the urge to lift it and put big tires on it. This is my work truck. To that end, today I got it ready to tow my '71 CJ-6 home from the shop tomorrow. I removed the 1-7/8-inch ball from the front hitch and put on a 2-inch ball so I'll be able to snake my trailer into its parking spot just like the previous owner did. I also hit the insano-heavy rear bumper with a 2-inch hole saw and installed a 7-pin plug to match my trailers and work with trailer brakes. The J4000's brakes work very well, but they are four-wheel drums, so I want my trailer brakes fully functional. Otherwise, I'm fixing some more naggine issues like a leaky filler neck. I ordered a new one from MTS. And I'll probably add some LED work lights in the bed and under the truck for loading and unloading at night. I also have to get the spare stuck under the bed where it belongs and maybe add a submerged, hidden winch or two. But who knows. That's all for a later day. Right now, I'm just happy driving my 85,000-mile J-truck around.

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