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Embee Coatings Magnafluxing - Crack Kills

Posted in Product Reviews on September 1, 2003 Comment (0)
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Crack is hard to find, no matter how hard you look for it. Oh, what? You think you have 20/20 vision and can find crack anytime you want? We dare you to try and find it. We tried and had no luck locating crack, even with the X-ray vision glasses we found in a box of cereal last week. When we finally gave up our search for the crack, we headed down to Embee Coatings in Santa Ana, California, to find out why this company was up to its armpits in the stuff. No, we weren't on a drug-induced rampage for three straight days. The crack we're talking about is the one you probably unknowingly have in a suspension part on your truck. It's a safe bet that if you've subjected your truck to hard-core sessions in the dirt that it may have put a few stress cracks in the suspension, which you can't see under normal circumstances. If you don't agree, keep reading and you might just change your mind.

Embee Coatings is the company most off-road race teams, such as Terrible Herbst and Riviera Racing, send their parts to for magnafluxing after each race and test session. Embee Coatings also specializes in applying ceramic coating, powdercoating, and other numerous specialized coatings on everything from car parts to Tomahawk missile casings. In fact, the company can coat nearly any metal part for you with a plethora of different colors and types of coatings.

Magnafluxing is the process used by Embee Coatings to locate cracks in parts that primarily race teams send in for testing. Items such as control arms, rearend housing, axles, link bars, and more are all magnaflux-tested to reveal where the stresses of racing have made cracks. The process is simple and takes very little time to perform but speaks volumes about the condition of the part being tested. We stopped by Embee Coatings recently and watched as their top guy, Al Jimenez, magnafluxed a lower control arm that belonged to Team Herbst' Truggy. For the sake of comparison, we studied the part for several minutes, trying to find any cracks for ourselves. While we did located one crack, the magnaflux testing showed plenty more.

Once all of the parts have been checked, the cracks are marked with a grease pencil and then cleaned thoroughly. Red tags are then applied to the cracked areas, and the parts are sent back to the race team. At that point, the individual teams can determine whether or not to repair or replace the cracked parts before the next race or test session. Although magnafluxing may seem like a high-end process that is only available to racers, it's not. Embee Coatings usually works on a one-day turn around time, making it a viable option to anyone who really puts their truck through serious abuse.


Embee Coatings
Santa Ana, CA 92705


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