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T Locker
Posted April 1, 2004

TeraFlex T-Locker
The new T-Locker from TeraFlex is an air-actuated locking differential. The T-Locker uses an industrial pneumatic switch designed for thousands of cycles per day, eliminating the additional electric system needed to activate the locker. The locker further uses external pneumatics for engagement, making leaky rotating seal surfaces a thing of the past. Built from GGG-50, the T-Locker is engaged via SAE 8620 forged and hardened pins on a shift collar. This is positioned by a shift fork located on the differential cover. The T-Locker is available now for the Dana 30, 35, 44, and 60 axles. Dana 44 33-spline and GM 14-bolt applications will be available soon. For more information, contact: Tera Manufacturing Inc., (801)256-9897,

300M Inner Axles
Poly Performance now offers Toyota 300M inner axles. These CNC-machined axles are cut from aircraft-quality 300M material, the same material used to manufacture aircraft landing gear. The design eliminates the need for an inner C-clip on the Birfield side of the axle, thereby eliminating the largest stress point of the stock OEM design. Instead of the C-clip shaft, a taper is used to keep the axle from moving too far into the Birfield joint. The diameter of the shaft is machined to match the minor diameter of the 27-spline side of the axle. This will allow the axle to deflect and twist instead of breaking under extreme loads. The axle's polished finish ensures total elimination of all possible stress on the surface of the shaft. For more information, contact: Poly Performance, (805)234-1760,

FJ40 Tire/Cooler CarrierTow Bumper
Man-A-Fre has completely redesigned its heaviest-duty bumper. The new MAF-1046 Tow Bumper/Tire and Cooler Carrier has a removable steel-plate cooler basket that has been moved up to gain extra departure angle. The swing bumper features 3x1/2-inch-thick steel mounting plates that attach to the rear frame crossmember for strength; no part of the unit attaches to the body panels, where it can damage the vehicle. Pivots are fully CNC-machined with replaceable bronze bushings. The tire carrier has been moved up to match the cooler carrier, will easily handle a fully inflated 37-inch tire, and is adjustable for wheel width. The Cooler Carrier will either carry a fullsize cooler (ARB 33- or 42-quart freezer fridge) or three jerrycans. Mounting plates have openings for attaching D-rings, and the receiver will handle more tow weight than your FJ40 is rated for. For more information, contact: Man-A-Fre, (805) 578-8712,

TJ Rock Sliders
Warrior Products has announced its new Rock Slider side plates. The rugged plates provide a full 7 inches of underbody wrap and are built from 3/16-inch steel plate; they can also be ordered with or without the step bar. The step bar tapers out toward the rear tire to provide added protection from off-road hazards. The sliders come in a satin-black powdercoated finish. For more information, contact: Warrior Inc., (888) 220-6861,

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