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Toyota Crossmember 4x4 Off Road Parts - 4x Products

Posted in Product Reviews on May 1, 2005 Comment (0)
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All-Pro Off Road's Integrated Crossmember, Skidplate, and Parking Brake
Dragging the stock crossmember of your Toyota truck over the rocks can lead to hang-ups, and has the potential to cause serious damage to your transfer case. All-Pro Off Road has come up with an integrated crossmember, skidplate, and parking brake kit that solves these problems. All-Pro's kit includes a high-clearance crossmember with adjustable installation heights that allow as much as 3 inches more ground clearance than stock; a tough skidplate to protect your transmission and transfer case or cases; and All-Pro's dependable and famous Disc Brake Parking Brake Kit.

For more information, contact: All-Pro Off Road, (951) 658-7077,

Winch Safety
The Winch Saver is the latest safety and equipment-protection device for your winch. It is a backlash suppression device in the event of cable failure during the winching operation. When stowing the hook, the Winch Saver is compressed between the hook and the fairlead. This will hold the winch line tight, thus not allowing slack to accumulate in the ropes on the spool. The Winch Saver will stow the hook in any position you like: vertical, horizontal, or straight out.

For more information, contact: Winch Saver, (888) 340-7681,

Factory-Fit slipcovers
MasterCraft Race Products has released its new line of Factory Fit slipcovers for '65-'04 Jeep CJs and Wranglers equipped with an OEM fold-and-tumble rear beach seat. The Factory Fit line was designed to be a direct upgrade replacement, while retaining the functionality of Jeep's fold-and-tumble rear seat. If you already have MasterCraft's Rubicon front seats, you can now color-match your fold-and-tumble with any color combination the company offers. The covers are made from high-quality Rogue Naugahyde with a center insert of close-weave nylon.

For more information, contact: MasterCraft Race Products, (800) 565-4042,


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