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Off Road Camping Equipment Buyers Guide - A Buyer's Guide Aimed At Making The Most Of Your Excursions - Off-Road Alternatives

Hummer Bicycle
James J. Weber | Writer
Posted July 1, 2005

Off Roading Vacation Items

Yes, it's that time of year again - summer. With this season of fun in the sun going on, a good majority of you will be trekking across some of our national parks and campgrounds, experiencing the great outdoors. While doing so, we felt it would be beneficial for you to see some of the coolest alternatives that are available to make your adventures that much more enjoyable. Keep in mind that these products run the gamut in price and size, but hopefully there will be something for everyone to use. Have fun and remember to be safe while on the roads less traveled.

Ogio 9800 Extreme Power PackWhat It Does: Whether it's a weekend away or a full-fledged expedition that you're on, the one thing you'll be guaranteed is that having enough room for your gear won't be an issue.

Why It's Hot: Between the large main U-shaped opening and multiple compartments, including one just for tools, this 9,800ci gear bag will take anything you can throw at it. Best of all, the camouflage pattern is perfect for those backcountry journeys. Don't forget where you placed it, or it could be gone forever.

Who To Contact: Ogio International, (801) 619-4100,

Blender Blaster Gas-Powered XL BlenderWhat It Does: Imagine your household blender on steroids. That's right - now you've got the picture. Built around a 25cc Poulan two-stroke motor with a convenient choke, on/off switch, and pull starter all attached to a set of handlebars, this blender gives new meaning to the phrase "whipping up a cocktail."

Why It's Hot: Aside from the fact that you'd be the only one on your block with one, this blender can handle anything you put its six-cup pitcher. The polished-aluminum tread-plate base with a nonslip rubber platform makes making margaritas as smooth as its cousin, the electric version. To monitor the fuel level, the entire gas tank is clear.

Who To Contact: R&G Manufacturing, (414) 352-1988,

Ezetil E-45 Portable RefrigeratorWhat It Does: This super-cool extra-large-capacity portable refrigerator unit provides 45 liters of maintenance-free cooling capacity by using only 48 watts of power and 5-cm-thick foam insulation. Best of all, the unit may be positioned in an upright configuration and contains special rubber seals that reduce condensation inside the unit.

Why It's Hot: Gone are the days of camping or off-roading and having to settle for lukewarm drinks. With the ability to cool 2-liter bottles or 12-ounce cans, rest assured you'll never go thirsty again. A 12-volt plug is included.

Who To Contact: IPV USA, (800) 328-9903,

TracRac Bike-Mounting SystemWhat It Does: For those who own the popular TracRac vehicle rack system, you can now carry your bike with ease.

Why It's Hot: Given the option of two mounting methods (base rail or overhead crossmembers), the ultimate in versatility and cargo capacity can be maintained.

Who To Contact: TracRac, (800) 501-1587,

Hummer Folding Mountain BikeWhat It Does: Image having the ability to carry a Hummer with you wherever you went. With the introduction of the Hummer mountain bike, now you can.

Why It's Hot: This tough, rugged, go-anywhere mountain bike is equipped with 24-speed Shimano Deore LX components, EZ Fire Plus shifters, and as much as 2-1/2 inches of wheeltravel for ultimate on- and off-road riding comfort. When you're done riding, the unit is foldable and may be stored easily inside the rear cargo area of a Hummer H2.

Who To Contact: Burston Marketing, (574) 262-4005,

Jayco Baja Camping TrailerWhat It Does: When you just need to get away, make sure one of these is hitched up behind you. This is the ultimate go-anywhere camping trailer that can sleep a party of six comfortably, yet still have all the comforts of home, including seating, a table, a kitchenette area with fresh-water capabilities (17 gallons), and an outdoor covered shower.

Why It's Hot: Aside from the functionality of the unit, the overall appearance is a 10. Designed with the off-road enthusiast in mind, the Baja comes standard with diamond-plate rocker guards, a leaf spring suspension, and off-road rims and tires.

Who To Contact: Jayco, (574) 825-5861,

E-Z Up Eclipse II Instant CanopyWhat It Does: Within a matter of seconds, the Eclipse II canopy unfolds and snaps into place, providing the perfect shade canopy from the hot sun and other environmental disturbances.

Why It's Hot: The top fabric stays attached to the frame and is treated to resist fire, rot, mildew, water, and ultraviolet rays. A series of electrically bonded powdercoated trusses ensures rust protection, long-lasting use, and a smoother, cleanable finish. The stronger, lighter frame is constructed of special high-strength steel for longevity and ease of transportation.

Who To Contact: International E-Z Up, (800) 457-4233,

Tentrax All-Terrain Camping TrailerWhat It Does: This specially designed camping trailer has been engineered for the 4x4 enthusiast who wants to go to the ends of the earth and have somewhere to lay his head at the end of the day. The Off Road A/T-edition trailer is custom-built from the ground up and can accommodate two people comfortably. With as much as 19 inches of ground clearance and a custom hitch to handle the severe articulation angles, this trailer is right at home behind any serious 4x4. A variety of rack systems are available, making the Tentrax a true packhorse.

Why It's Hot: The trailer can be personalized to match your vehicle's paint and wheels and has numerous options available for your intended off-road applications. For extreme applications, a lift kit can be installed with larger tires.

Who To Contact: Tentrax, (541) 484-9885,

E-Z Up Instant TableWhat It Does: Within a matter of seconds, you can have camp set up, thanks to the E-Z Up instant table. Designed and constructed to support hundreds of pounds, this small table is lightweight and portable.

Why It's Hot: The table can be easily set up in 60 seconds, requires no tools, and may be adjusted from 31 to 41-1/2 inches. It can also be checked as airline luggage.

Who To Contact: International E-Z Up, (800) 457-4233,

'05 Kawasaki KX 250F Dirt BikeWhat It Does: The Kawasaki KX250F competition motorcycle returns for 2005 with several engine and chassis updates, making this championship-winning motocross bike the envy of the competition and one of the best on the market.

Why It's Hot: Although the refinements are endless, one item that stands out is the liquid-cooled 249cc four-stroke engine, which has improved low- and mid-range response courtesy of a modified intake port, a straightened exhaust port, and revised ignition timing for improved top-end and over-rev performance. Helping to maintain an optimal performance operating temperature, the radiators are 40mm longer for improved cooling efficiency, and the throttle cable was revised for smoother operation to enhance rider control of the broad four-stroke powerband. The KX250F's quick-shifting five-speed transmission has also been improved with stronger Third and Fourth input gears, and the clutch friction plates now have fewer friction elements to provide the rider with a more direct feel. The stainless-steel clutch cable and cable liner are changed for smoother operation, and a new clutch adjuster is added to the lever perch, making rider adjustments on the track quick and easy. The chassis and suspension have also been revamped for the strongest and most efficient ride possible.

Who To Contact: Kawasaki Motors, (949) 770-0400,

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