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Off-Road Products - New Products - January 2006

Posted in Product Reviews on January 1, 2006
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Often, going big means sacrificing ride quality, but not this time. Donahoe Racing has developed a new Ford FSD 7-inch Suspension System that features ride height adjustability; antisway bar, bumpstop, and brake line relocation; progressive 7-inch dual-rate coil springs; rear shock options for both blocks and springs; and the ability to accommodate 38-inch-tall tires. This new system has been tested and developed by the DR team with more than 30 years of racing experience, so you know this kit was made with not only great looks but performance in mind.

For more information, contact: Donahoe Racing, (714) 632-3033,

The Ford F-250 Power Stroke diesel truck is already big on size and power. With that in mind, Corsa Performance has released its new exhaust system that not only adds more power to your right foot but also has been engineered to eliminate in-cabin resonance. The exhaust is made from 4-inch-diameter 304L stainless-steel mandrel-bent tubing with easy bolt-on installation. The kit comes complete with everything you need, including the hangers and an illustrated installation guide.

For more information, contact: Corsa Performance, (800) 486-0999,

AEM's new gauge-type UEGO controller features a single-channel analog output with a Bosch UEHO O2 sensor, and includes a digital LED readout and sweeping LED needle that changes colors as AFR changes from rich to lean. The unit's 52mm gauge housing fits most gauge pods and can be remotely mounted virtually anywhere. Another great option is the ability for consumers to choose a combination of face colors and bezels.

For more information, contact: AEM, (310) 484-2322,

The secret to engine performance and durability is often precise assembly. With Powerhouse Products' new 6-inch digital calipers you are assured of getting the correct measurements the first time. Featuring a large, high-contrast LCD display powered by an SR44 battery, the calipers are great for both professional and enthusiast engine builders. They're accurate down to 0.0008 inch for lengths less than 4 inches and to 0.00012 inch for lengths as long as 6 inches, delivering both inside and outside measurements.

For more information, contact: Powerhouse Products, (800) 872-7223,

An important factor in building any race vehicle is eliminating unnecessary weight from the vehicle. The new Race Pump for big-block Chevy engines from Race Pumps is roughly one-third the weight and one-third the size of most mechanical fuel pumps, thus removing clutter and weight from tight race-car engine compartments. The pump delivers 204 gallons per hour at an unregulated pressure of 60 psi at any rpm between idle and 10,000. The valveless, variable-displacement design means that the Race Pump only pumps as much fuel volume as needed, which gives engine builders the flexibility to use deadhead or bypass regulators.

For more information, contact: Race Pumps, (336) 476-9720,

Now available from ARB is the new bull bar front bumper system for fullsize Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks. The bull bar is compatible with factory airbag systems and is engineered to work precisely with the manufacturer's safety mechanisms to ensure occupant safety while offering strength and protection for the vehicle. Made from cold-rolled sheet steel and 0.250-grade heavy-wall tubing, the bull bar acts as an integral crossmember to share impact and winching loads over both chassis rails to further reduce the opportunity for vehicle damage.

For more information, contact: ARB, (425) 264-1391,

Even with your new spark plugs installed, failing to replace your spark plug wires can result in engine fatigue and engine ignition problems. Performance Distributors' new Live Wire Plug Wires are approximately 1/2 inch in diameter and are designed to ensure optimum performance both on and off road. The wires use a heat-resistant sleeving in order to provide protection from -76 degrees F up to +1,400 degrees F.

For more information, contact: Performance Distributors, (901) 396-5782,

Now that you have a handful of new gauges, what are you going to do with them? Racefab is currently making custom aluminum dashboards for many popular truck and sport utility vehicle models. The great thing about this product is that you are part of the design team. Let them know what you need, if you want your company or team name engraved on the panel, and they will ship it to your front door. There are no set sizes, as all products are being made to order with the option of having other custom panel work done.

For more information, contact: Racefab, (903) 683-1599,

The new LTS brake pad lineup from Hawk Performance was specifically designed for the needed stopping power for your truck or sport utility vehicle. Using its new LTS-Ferro carbon compound, Hawk is able to achieve a brake pad that will provide superior fade resistance, extend the life of your brake rotors, and increase breaking performance over standard factory brake pads.

For more information, contact: Hawk Performance, (440) 528-4000,

Dodge Cummins owners can now experience what many Jeep owners have enjoyed for years with the new Kilby Enterprises' On Board Air Kit made specifically for '03-and-newer Dodge Cummins trucks. You will have to ability to run air tools, fill tires anywhere you choose, or even run your airbag suspension system. The install kit comes complete with everything you need, including the compressor, clutch, brackets, belts, intercooler tube, and bolts.

For more information, contact: Kilby Enterprises, (818) 565-5945,

Adding a nitrous system to your race vehicle can be a tricky endeavor. However, when the race is on the line and you need a few extra ponies to get across that finish line first, it could be just the trick you need. Just released from Zex is the company's Race EFI Nitrous System, which injects the enrichment fuel directly into the center of the nitrous plume, yielding total and even fuel atomization. Fuel enrichment is automatically adjusted in accordance with bottle pressure, so tuneups stay dead-on despite bottle pressure fluctuation.

For more information, contact: Zex, (888) 817-1008,

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