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Fuel Tank
Posted May 1, 2006

Moab Survival Guide

Two Jobs In One
For many of us an optional auxiliary fuel tank is a necessary item for hauling or for work-related ventures. Extra space for your tools or equipment is almost always needed as well. Zylstra Performance Products' new toolbox/fuel tank combo could be just what you are looking for. The box is constructed of marine-grade aluminum, Heliarc-welded, and uses heavy stainless steel hinges and a lock assembly for strength and security.
Zylstra Performance Products
(559) 739-7303

Increase Your Flow
Increased throttle response and a cool intake sound when you punch the gas are things any enthusiast can appreciate. Just released from aFe Filters is a new cold-air intake system for your '05 Toyota Tacoma V-6 and four-cylinder engines. The new system claims horsepower gains of up to 7hp and is constructed of a 4-inch high-flow conical filter that feeds a free-flowing aluminum tube.
aFe Filters
(951) 493-7100

Typhoon Power
Keeping your right foot happy is a crucial element when adding performance modifications to your rig. Professional Products' new Power+Plus Typhoon manifold for your 4.6L 2V Ford V-8 engine brings a number of benefits to your ride. This new lightweight aluminum manifold has been put to the test on the dyno with claims of 20+ horsepower between 5,000 and 6,500 rpm. Another benefit of this product is that it is direct bolt-on equipment and accepts all factory accessories.
Professional Products
(323) 779-2020

Breathable Barrier
After a long day on the trail you stop by the local spray-n-wash to knock off the mud and grime built up from a day of fun. Now it's time to protect the finish of your vehicle while parked in your driveway. Covercraft's new WeatherShield has been manufactured to keep the elements off your vehicle while allowing the material to breathe enough to keep moisture from building up between surfaces. This lightweight cover is available in most popular sizes and easily stores in your lockbox or storage compartment.
(405) 238-9651

100% Monitoring
Stop by your local tire shop and ask the mechanic what he thinks is one of the biggest issues on the road today. Most likely he is going to tell you that people do not check their tire pressure properly or regularly. This results in not only improper wear of tires, but according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 10,000 traffic deaths per year. Simply remove your valve-stem caps and tighten down the TireWise monitors and your tire pressure will be continually monitored indicating green when properly inflated and red when your tires need attention.
(866) 417-4977

Soak It Up
Now that you have spent half the day removing the pumpkin from your rig, the last thing you want to do is make a mess on your workbench. Don't you wish there was something that you could lay down easily that would soak up all that oil? Mr. Gasket's new Fluid Zap pads are perfect for use on your workbench, under your project vehicle, or even in tight, hard-to-reach places where fluid can spill. They are sold in single pads, sheets, and large rolls, so no workspace is too big or too small.
Mr. Gasket
(216) 658-6309

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