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July 2006 Off-Road Products - New Products

Posted in Product Reviews on July 1, 2006
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Deaver has just released its new Baja Bushings, a convenient way to help eliminate the inconsistent reactions of conventional bushings. When the Baja Bushings are installed into the leaf spring eyes, they allow the leaf springs to rotate on a spherical bearing that is Teflon-lined. This causes the leaf spring to move freely and with a consistency only previously available with coil springs. The new bushings provide up to 18 degrees of pivot angle.
For more information, contact: Deaver, (714) 542-3703,

If you're like many outdoor enthusiasts, you spend a good amount of time not only off-roading your vehicle but also camping out under the stars. When a hard shell top isn't what you are looking for, check out Bestop's new Supertop for your Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. The Supertop folds out of the way in seconds or is easily removed completely, offering the sport utility outdoorsman truck-bed coverage that suits an active lifestyle.
For more information, contact: Bestop, (800) 845-3567,

Superlift has a new 6-inch suspension system for late-model GM IFS pickup trucks and SUVs. The new setup features the company's proven Bracket System with components from its premium Frame Integrated Technology (F.I.T.) series. With this kit installed, you can easily clear a 35x12.5-inch off-road tire on an 8-inch-wide wheel. The knuckle design helps to minimize possible CV/axle disengagement problems and accepts the factory spare tire/wheel. There is also a differential skidplate included with the kit with high-clearance crossmember and kicker brackets.
For more information, contact: Superlift Suspension Systems, (800) 551-4955,

Many of us not only take our trucks out to wheel but also tow our toys and trailers as well. Doing this can surely justify the need for installing a large fuel tank. Titan Fuel Tanks has a completely new lineup of fuel tanks for diesel pickup trucks. The new products are lighter in weight, easier to install, and hold more usable fuel than the company's first-generation tanks. They are currently available for '01-'06 Duramax, '99-'06 Power Stroke, and '03-'06 Cummins trucks.
For more information, contact: Titan Fuel Tanks,

With the all-new design of the '07 Chevrolet Tahoe comes a complete new lineup of aftermarket accoutrements. Airaid has just released its new '07 Tahoe 5.3L CAD intake system that utilizes a huge, 1,600-cfm Airaid SynthaFlow filter which is isolated from engine heat by a computer-designed cool air dam. The installation of this new intake can be accomplished with ordinary handtools in less than an hour.
For more information, contact: Airaid, (800) 498-6951,

L&L Products now offers a header application for small-block Chevy engines. The headers feature a 1/2-inch-thick flange, 14-gauge steel tubing, 1-3/4-inch primary tubes, and a 3-inch collector. All headers are available with Electroless Nickelshield plating inside and out, which aids with rust prevention. The product also comes with a lifetime guarantee.
For more information, contact: L&L Products, (972) 475-5202,

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