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September 2006 Off-Road Products - New Products

Odyssey Pc1700lmjt
Posted September 1, 2006

EnerSys has introduced a new starting, lighting, and ignition (SLI) battery that features a rugged metal jacket that helps extend battery life even at high temperatures. The 12-volt Odyssey PC1700LMJT has a service life of six years versus two to three years and a two-year storage life at room temperature versus six to twelve months as with conventional batteries. The sealed battery design requires no addition of water, and the terminals do not need to be cleaned or retightened after installation. The new battery offers rugged construction with superior vibration resistance and sealed dry-cell construction to prevent external corrosion and acid leakage.
For more information, contact: EnerSys, (800) 538-3627,

Along with making the Rat Cage easier to ship, Rat Cage now has more options to add on to it. As you may already know, the Rat Cage is a specialty 4x4 product designed by an off-road expert. The product does everything from hold fire extinguishers to mount shovels, bikes, a cooler, off-road lights, a Hi-Lift jack, and more. Speaking of Hi-Lift jacks, Dirt Road Products now has a new mounting kit on its '06 model that is designed specifically to mount all makes of bumper jacks to your Rat Cage. It's also universal enough that you can choose where to mount it. It allows the jack to be padlocked in two places, securing the expensive jack to your truck more effectively than ever.
For more information, contact: Dirt Road Products, (518) 280-5131,

The Yamaha Rhino has been getting very popular around off-road parks and desert races because of its performance and quality craftsmanship. Randy Ellis Design has just introduced the new Sleekster lightbar for the Rhino. The new lightbars are super-tough and hold lights securely. Mount four lights up to 8 inches in diameter. The bars are made from 1.5-inch, 0.120-wall steel tube and CNC laser-cut brackets and light tabs and are finished with high-quality, satin black powdercoat. No drilling, cutting, or welding is required -- bolts right on using factory mounting locations.
For more information, contact: Randy Ellis Design Inc., (602) 803-1122,

Bilstein has just announced its new, adjustable 5100-series shock absorbers. These new coilover-style shocks utilize the vehicle's existing stock coil spring, with applications for the '04-'06 Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, and Ford F-150 (Nissan Titan coming soon). They feature multiple snap-ring grooves on the body of the shock to accommodate different spring seat positions, allowing height adjustments from 0 to 2.5 inches, depending on application. By raising the spring seat position, you can alter the factory rake to achieve a level front-to-rear ride height in order to run a 33-inch tire.
For more information, contact: Bilstein, (800) 537-1085,

In the past, the complexity of wiring for a Vortec engine swap may have seemed difficult or near impossible. Not any more. Howell Engine Developments has introduced a line of custom wiring harnesses that will make a hookup of the Vortec's electronic engine controls as easy as plugging it in. Each high-quality Howell harness has every connector clearly marked, and easy-to-follow instructions are included. Each harness utilizes GM/Packard TXL wire, Weather Pack connectors, and high-temperature, black corrugated shielding to ensure the highest reliability standards.
For more information, contact: Howell Engine Developments Inc., (810) 765-5100,