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357 Tcase
Posted November 1, 2006

357 Under Your Seat
Lovell Engineering has introduced its model 357 transfer case for the serious rockcrawling and rockracing competitor. This unique transfer case features a front/rear output control and also reduces on-course times thanks to instant shifting. It has already been used in competition by some of the nation's leading rockcrawlers. The 357 (so named because it has a 3.57 reduction ratio) uses pneumatic pressure to actuate clutches for the front and rear outputs, allowing engagement and disengagement under any conditions without gear-binding or hanging up.Installing the Lovell 357 is easy because it's a bolt-in replacement for the now-popular Atlas II. 357s are available configured for most popular driveline combinations. The 357's case is made from premium-grade aluminum alloy and can be indexed for either left or right output. The gears and shafts are manufactured from high-strength steel and are rated to withstand loads in excess of 5,300 lb-ft of torque.

Secure Tilt
Custom rigs often mean custom steering systems, which also includes the position of your steering wheel. Comfort behind the wheel is key no matter what the intended purpose of your vehicle is. The new tilt steering wheel system from Off-Road International offers five convenient driving positions and also allows for universal mounting to any rollbar configuration. The wheel assembly features 30 degrees of adjustment, is made with sealed roller bearings for smooth action, and is equipped with a 3/4-inch-bore racing U-joint on a pivot axis.

FJ Easy Access
The all-new '07 FJ Cruiser is the latest celebrated off-road vehicle from Toyota. Westin is proud to announce the release of its Signature and Platinum Series step bars for the '07 Toyota FJ Cruiser. The step bars offer protection against road hazards and provide easy vehicle access with a slip-resistant step pad that won't fade or crack under the harshest UV conditions. Westin's step bars are offered in a 3-inch-diameter tube and are available in a chrome-plated or black powdercoat finish. The Signature steps are made from mild steel and backed by a 3-year warranty. The Platinum steps are made from 304 stainless steel and backed by Westin's lifetime warranty.

Instant Air Conditioning
With a simple push of a button, your windshield can be positioned anywhere from fully open to completely closed with the new Trail View windshield system from Tyson Design Works. The kits are available with or without glass, allowing you to reuse your existing windshield. This is a great choice for the off-road enthusiast who needs a little extra airflow or who has a top rack or snorkel and is unable to lay down the existing windshield frame. The system is also great if you just don't want to hassle with unbolting and storing your side bars. Kits are available for the CJ, YJ, and TJ up to '06.

Grand Cherokee Performance
BDS Suspension has released its new 4.5-inch Pro-Ride suspension system for your '93-'98 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ. This kit provides 4.5 inches of front lift and 4 inches of rear lift. Features include front and rear adjustable upper control arms, front and rear lower control arms, an adjustable front track bar, and a rear track bar relocation system.

The included front Ultimate Sway Bar Disconnects allow easy connection and disconnection of the front anti-sway bar. Completing the kit are rear sway bar links, front stainless Kevlar-lined brake lines, and bumpstop extensions. BDS Suspension products are covered by the company's exclusive No Fine Print Warranty and are only available through authorized BDS distributors.

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