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Toyota Rock Sliders - 4x Products

Toyota Fj Cruiser
Posted January 1, 2007

Keep Rocks off Your FJ
Over the past few years, DeMello Offroad has become known for its high-quality Toyota rock sliders and protection accessories. The company wasted no time adapting its hybrid Tacoma sliders to the all-new Toyota FJ Cruiser. These high-quality sliders are made from 2x2-inch, 0.120-wall square tubing for maximum strength when sliding across the rocks. The connecting tubes are 1.75 inches in diameter with four fully welded supports and four welded bolt-on frame mounts. DeMello Offroad also offers powdercoating on all its products.

For more information, contact: DeMello Offroad, (714) 444-4049,

Toyota Front Solid-Axle Problem Solver
The brake backing plates can cause problems on front Toyota solid axles. They often get bent by trail obstacles, and small rocks can get trapped between the backing plate and the rotor, causing noise and damage. For many years, Trail-Gear has taken the stock brake backing plate and cut out the centersection. Then the company would reassemble the axle with just the center part for spacing. Now, Trail-Gear has come up with a cleaner way to accomplish the same thing. The company's Backing Plate Eliminator Kit contains two spacer rings that take the place of the factory backing plate. The rings are the same thickness as stock for proper component spacing, and installation is easy: Simply remove the stock backing plate and replace with the new rings when servicing the knuckle. The kits fit front Toyota pickup/4Runner solid axles from '79 to '85 and are $19 per pair.

For more information, contact: Trail-Gear, (559) 252-4950,

A New Boss in Air Compression
Onboard air systems have become extremely popular in the last couple of years for situations when carrying just an air tank is not enough. The systems are often used to run air lockers or power air tools for trailside repairs. Kilby Enterprises, maker of the popular OnBoard Air system for Jeep Wrangler, Dodge, and Chevrolet vehicles, announces its new AirBoss beltdriven air compressor system for '03-and-later Chevrolet and GMC pickups and SUVs. The KE-4500-K AirBoss kit features the venerable York beltdriven high-output compressor (3 to 4 cfm at idle; 7 to 8 cfm at 2,000 rpm) and everything needed to install the system. The AirBoss is also ideal for vehicles equipped with airbag suspensions, and it fills a 2.5-gallon air tank in less than 30 seconds (with the engine at 2,000 rpm).

For more information, contact: Kilby Enterprises, (818) 565-5945,

Increase Your Flow
JBA Headers has just released its new Cat4ward headers for the Toyota FJ Cruiser. The headers are made from thick 409 stainless steel tubing and 3/8-inch, one-piece laser-cut flanges for long-lasting performance.

With these new headers installed in your FJ Cruiser, you'll notice an increase in both horsepower and torque throughout the rpm range. The headers are 50-state smog-legal and are covered by a limited warranty. High-temperature ceramic coating is optional.

For more information, contact: JBA Headers, (800) 830-3377,

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