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Toyota Rock Sliders - 4x Products

Posted in Product Reviews on January 1, 2007
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Keep Rocks off Your FJ
Over the past few years, DeMello Offroad has become known for its high-quality Toyota rock sliders and protection accessories. The company wasted no time adapting its hybrid Tacoma sliders to the all-new Toyota FJ Cruiser. These high-quality sliders are made from 2x2-inch, 0.120-wall square tubing for maximum strength when sliding across the rocks. The connecting tubes are 1.75 inches in diameter with four fully welded supports and four welded bolt-on frame mounts. DeMello Offroad also offers powdercoating on all its products.

For more information, contact: DeMello Offroad, (714) 444-4049,

Toyota Front Solid-Axle Problem Solver
The brake backing plates can cause problems on front Toyota solid axles. They often get bent by trail obstacles, and small rocks can get trapped between the backing plate and the rotor, causing noise and damage. For many years, Trail-Gear has taken the stock brake backing plate and cut out the centersection. Then the company would reassemble the axle with just the center part for spacing. Now, Trail-Gear has come up with a cleaner way to accomplish the same thing. The company's Backing Plate Eliminator Kit contains two spacer rings that take the place of the factory backing plate. The rings are the same thickness as stock for proper component spacing, and installation is easy: Simply remove the stock backing plate and replace with the new rings when servicing the knuckle. The kits fit front Toyota pickup/4Runner solid axles from '79 to '85 and are $19 per pair.

For more information, contact: Trail-Gear, (559) 252-4950,

A New Boss in Air Compression
Onboard air systems have become extremely popular in the last couple of years for situations when carrying just an air tank is not enough. The systems are often used to run air lockers or power air tools for trailside repairs. Kilby Enterprises, maker of the popular OnBoard Air system for Jeep Wrangler, Dodge, and Chevrolet vehicles, announces its new AirBoss beltdriven air compressor system for '03-and-later Chevrolet and GMC pickups and SUVs. The KE-4500-K AirBoss kit features the venerable York beltdriven high-output compressor (3 to 4 cfm at idle; 7 to 8 cfm at 2,000 rpm) and everything needed to install the system. The AirBoss is also ideal for vehicles equipped with airbag suspensions, and it fills a 2.5-gallon air tank in less than 30 seconds (with the engine at 2,000 rpm).

For more information, contact: Kilby Enterprises, (818) 565-5945,

Increase Your Flow
JBA Headers has just released its new Cat4ward headers for the Toyota FJ Cruiser. The headers are made from thick 409 stainless steel tubing and 3/8-inch, one-piece laser-cut flanges for long-lasting performance.

With these new headers installed in your FJ Cruiser, you'll notice an increase in both horsepower and torque throughout the rpm range. The headers are 50-state smog-legal and are covered by a limited warranty. High-temperature ceramic coating is optional.

For more information, contact: JBA Headers, (800) 830-3377,

No Bib Needed
How many times have you cut your fingers reeling in your winch line? Knight Scan has introduced an innovative new winch-cable rewind tool called the Winch Lobster. This patented design temporarily clamps to your roller fairlead and makes the time-consuming job of respooling your winch faster and safer. Respooling correctly will extend the life of your cable as it is less likely to kink, fray, or break. Now you can put a straight, tight, factory-type wind on your winch cable anytime, anywhere, in a matter of minutes.

For more information, contact: Knight Scan,

Nothing Beats Strength
The all-new Spider 9 axlehousing was designed with rockcrawling specifically in mind, making this housing nothing like your ordinary 9-inch. It features ultra-high ground clearance, one-piece shell construction, and a compact size, and Spidertrax stocks six popular setups all available for same-day shipping.

All Spider 9 axlehousings are 65 inches long (plenty of axletube to cut to size); are available with centered, left, or right differential offsets; and are available with forward-engine or mid-engine third member orientation (as used in mid-engine competition rockcrawlers). The housings are designed to work with Ford 9-inch-style third members. Mounting hardware and the filler cap assembly are also included.

For more information, contact: Spidertrax Off-Road, (800) 286-0898,

Keep Your Arms In Shape
Manufacturers don't always equip our vehicles for the adventures we take them on. Often stock parts get worn out simply because you cannot properly service them. Jeepin' By Al has just released a replacement option for the nonserviceable upper A-arms and ball joints on your Jeep Liberty KJ vehicle. The arms are held in place at the factory mounting points and use the original equipment (OE) bushings for quiet operation, and the ball joints can be greased and are easily replaced should they wear out. These A-arms address the OE A-arm contact with the spring, which causes premature ball joint failure on lifted Libertys. In addition, the race-inspired, redesigned Jeepin' By Al A-arms reposition the ball joint, eliminating the adverse angle seen with the OE arm/OE ball joint on lifted Libertys.

The Jeepin' By Al upper A-arms are compatible with all the major lift kits on the market. Currently, these A-arms are only available for Liberty vehicles that have been lifted, but original equipment replacements are forthcoming.

For more information, contact: Jeepin' By Al,

New Mud Friends
All-terrain tires are great, but when the mud comes calling you need something with a more aggressive tread pattern to enjoy the fun. Dick Cepek introduces the Mud Country: an aggressive mud-terrain radial in specialty light truck and traditional light truck sizing. This tire is a great choice for enthusiasts seeking aggressive off-road traction and excellent handling on the street. The Mud Country has three-ply sidewalls for added toughness and a unique, boulder-like stepped tread design to disperse mud and rocks. The new tire comes in 24 sizes from 31 to 40 inches tall in rim diameters up to 20 inches to fit almost every light truck application.

For more information, contact: Dick Cepek Tires & Wheels, (800) 222-9092,

No More Droop
For years, we've used just about anything at hand to keep the suspension from drooping when changing a tire or reseating a bead. A 4-foot farm jack frequently won't lift the tire off of the ground, especially if the antisway bar links have been disconnected. Rimrock Mountain Supply has come up with the perfect solution: the Jackstrap. The Jackstrap offers a way to restrain the suspension and allow you to actually get the tire off of the ground without jacking up the rig to unsafe heights. This product is great for Jeep TJs and other rigs with soft, pliable suspensions or long-arm kits.

For more information, contact: Rimrock Mountain Supply, (425) 430-1445,

Steer With Confidence
Flaming River Industries now offers a replacement steering shaft for the popular '97-'00 Jeep TJ. This new shaft assembly eliminates the play that is common in many factory shafts. The new assembly uses a slip shaft, which provides 3 inches of end travel to help minimize vibration from tires and chassis flex. The slip shaft features a grease zerk fitting for extended service life, and a protective boot keeps dirt/debris from entering the joint. The shaft assembly utilizes Flaming River's new pinch-bolt-style universal joint that is stronger than the OEM joint to connect the shaft to the steering box. It also uses the factory floor seal/support bracket for easier installation.

For more information, contact: Flaming River Industries, (800) 648-8022,

Safety First
If you have spent time watching some of the popular rock racing events or have ever found yourself around some big-horsepower machines, you know how important protecting your hearing is. SureFire, the same company that brings you some of the best flashlights in the world, introduces new passive hearing protection with its EP-3 Sonic Defenders. Sonic Defenders are designed to help prevent hearing damage from noise above 85 dB while facilitating conversation by permitting passage of lower-level sounds. In addition to being more comfortable than common foam plugs, Sonic Defenders don't muffle ambient sounds or compromise directional hearing, nor do they require a visit to a specialist for a custom fitting. The low-profile design of the Sonic Defenders makes them comfortable to use even when wearing a mask, helmet, or hat.

For more information, contact: SureFire, (800) 828-8809,

No More Slippage
If you're running a Turbo 350, 200-4R, 700-R4, or 4L60 automatic, the lockup converters were designed to be fully locked-up for maximum efficiency. Full lockup allows no slippage with much less transmission wear, and gets better mileage. The converters were made to be locked-up by the factory's ECM, and Ron Francis came up with a solution that takes about 30 minutes to install. There is no need to remove the pan or modify anything. Your vehicle's speed is read through the speedometer cable adapter, and you can set the lockup speed anywhere you want it - it's all electronically controlled. The converter unlocks whenever you go below the lockup speed or if you hit the brakes. It comes preset at between 42 and 47 mph, but you can adjust it to your favorite cruising speed. Adjustments can be made for rearend gears and tire sizes.

For more information, contact: Ron Francis Wiring, (800) 292-1940,

Even Grander
There is a certain peace of mind that comes with having an ARB bumper installed on your vehicle. Now, Jeep Grand Cherokee owners can experience the feeling because ARB has just released its new Bull Bar for the Grand Cherokee.

Bull Bar mounting systems are engineered to ensure optimum functionality and a perfect fit. Developed for the unibody structure of the new Grand to spread loads evenly across the platform under both winching and impact conditions, the bumper does not interfere with the vehicle crush rate or sensitive airbag deployment systems. In addition, it is built to accommodate Warn low-mount winches rated from 8,000 to 9,500 pounds. For extra peace of mind, the Bull Bar also incorporates tow points into the mounting assembly and Hi-Lift jacking points in the front pan.

For more information, contact: ARB USA,

Grip Not Slip
The new Hercules Trail Digger M/T is one tough tire, featuring an aggressive variable-pitch, high-sidewall design for traction at all angles in every type of terrain. The shoulder of the Trail Digger M/T is designed with stone "blockers" to increase puncture resistance. The extra-large scooping tread lugs give the new tire great off-road traction in mud, gravel, and sand. Within those lugs are stud pinholes so the snow and ice become nonfactors in your pursuit to dig a new trail, wherever you may be. Initial launch of the Hercules Trail Digger M/T will consist of 11 sizes with rim sizes ranging from 15 to 17 inches and overall diameters ranging from 28 to 35 inches.

For more information, contact: Hercules Tire and Rubber Company, (800) 677-3573,

You Have Been Warned
The new Toyota FJ Cruiser is blowing through the off-road world like a tornado, and Warn has just introduced a new winch bumper to accommodate the demand for FJ Cruiser accessories. The new bumper features welded, one-piece construction for excellent strength and minimal deflection under load and an integral winch mount to accept Warn midframe winches (rated up to 12,000 pounds), including the Tabor series. Other features include auxiliary light brackets, an integrated guard for grille protection, and lower foglamp mounts.

For more information, contact: Warn Industries, (800) 543-9276,

Proper Protection
Having the right bumper on your rig for protection is important; however, don't forget to equip your vehicle with one that will also perform the proper duties. Olympic 4x4 Products just released its new Wrecker bumper (PN 253) for '97-'06 Jeep Wrangler TJs and LJs. It has a deflective angle for off-road styling and uses heavy-duty 3.8-inch steel mounting brackets that are predrilled for easy installation. The bumper has a fully functional 2-inch receiver hitch with a 2,500-pound capacity. It is also fully compatible with Olympic's Dave's Rack (PN 921).

For more information, contact: Olympic 4x4 Products, (323) 726-6988,

The Right Stuff
UDS Hardware's towstrap recovery kit comes with everything you need to get your rig back on the trail to safety. Simply stuff your hitch receiver with the towstrap loop, attach your towstrap to your support vehicles, put on your gloves, and you are ready for rescue.

For more information, contact: UDS Hardware, (310) 715-1356,

Up And Out Of The Way
The new Tacoma has been updated in virtually every way. It has more room, better handling, and more power. One thing that hasn't changed in years on Toyota's popular pickup is the cumbersome hood prop rod. Now you can retrofit your '95-'07 Tacoma with a QuickLIFT Elite Hood Shock Kit from Performance Products. The kit replaces the factory prop rod with two high-quality stainless steel gas struts and moves the hood-lift pivot point to the hinge. Black powdercoated ball-stud brackets are included for a clean OE look, and all required mounting hardware is included in the kit.

For more information, contact: Performance Products, (800) 789-1966,

Rolling Wrench Case
What automotive enthusiast wouldn't like to have a big, strong, rolling toolbox filling their garage? Steelhead Design has just introduced its MTech 60-inch rolling cabinet available in stainless steel or powdercoated electrogalvanized steel. The cabinet features 16-gauge welded construction both inside and out, heavy-duty, full-extension ball-bearing drawers rated up to 400 pounds, heavy-duty, sealed ball-bearing casters rated at 935 pounds each, tubular cam locks, nonslip drawer liners, and much more.

For more information, contact: MTech Products, (800) 261-0761,

AEV Highline Fender
American Expedition Vehicles' (AEV) new Highline fender kit improves on- and off-road performance by allowing for monster tires with minimal lift on all '97-'06 Jeep Wranglers. The Highline kit consists of all-new, 14-gauge steel fenders, a new steel hood featuring heat-reduction technology, and four polypropelyne fender flares. This kit is fully bolt-on and does not require relocating anything in the engine compartment. The new fenders net approximatlely 3.25 inches of lift over stock. Combine the kit with a mild (2.5- to 3.5-inch) suspension lift, and you could be running up to 37-inch tires. The kit comes E-coated and ready for paint.

For more information, contact: American Expedition Vehicles, (406) 251-2100,

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