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Hobart Mig Welder
Posted May 1, 2007

FrustraTion-Free Welding
Raise your hand if you need some help getting the perfect weld every time. Well, we know our hands are in the air. Luckily, Hobart has just introduced its new Handler 187 MIG welder. The new system offers a seven-tap voltage selection control which enables users to make arc adjustments in finer increments and simplify creating the classic "sizzling bacon" sound that signifies a perfect arc. Combined with the seven taps, better inductance enables the Handler 187 to provide better arc starts and smoother arc performance, create less spatter for easier cleanup, and create weld beads with a professional appearance. Anyone welding stainless steel will especially notice beads with a flatter crown and good wet-out at the toes of the weld.

The hallmark of the Handler 187 is an extremely stable arc when welding steel as thin as 24-gauge while maintaining this performance on materials up to 5/16-inch thick. The Handler 187 weighs 68 pounds and has a welding output range of 25 to 185 amps.
Hobart Welders
(800) 332-3281

New Jeep, New Air System
Jeep's next-generation Wrangler, code-named the JK, is all-new from the ground up. For '07 and the first time in Jeep history, the Wrangler will be available in a four-door model as well as in the classic two-door version. What's new for '07, besides the obvious styling and model changes, is an all-new powerplant under the hood. A 3.8-liter V-6 replaces the venerable 4.0-liter six-cylinder that has been offered in the Jeep vehicle lineup for years.

Airaid has found a way to unleash more of the 3.8-liter's hidden horsepower and torque with the development of a new Cool Air Dam intake for '07 Wranglers, including Rubicon and Unlimited models. The new system features a full-length intake tube and a computer-designed Cool Air Dam built to isolate engine heat from the air inlet. The heart of the system is Airaid's premium SynthaFlow filter that allows for both maximum airflow and superior filtration down to 2 microns.
(800) 498-6951

Better Fuel Regulation
Bosch is always releasing new and exciting products for the car nut in all of us. The company has a brand-new fuel pump available that includes full coverage of in-tank electric modules, fuel pumps, and fuel-pump filter screens. The OE turbine upgrade pumps are designed to ensure safe, easy installation and conform to OE fit and function. The new Bosch impeller has 47 evenly spaced blades, providing virtually silent operation and smooth, precise fuel delivery. Other features include a precision, polymer-encased and spin-balanced armature that operates in excess of 7,000 rpm; a noise-suppressing coil; and a non-return valve that maintains good system pressure to help reduce vaporlock and hot-start issues.
Bosch Auto Parts

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