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Off Road Gear - 4X Products

Posted in Product Reviews on April 17, 2007
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Don't Let Your Jeep Down
Pro Comp has just released its new 4-inch Stage II Jeep TJ MX6 suspension lift system. This top-end short-arm kit for TJ and TJ Rubicon models includes new boxed-construction lower control arms that can be mounted upside down for improved breakover angles. A one-piece front track-bar mount combined with a newly designed adjustable front track bar and dropped pitman arm provides excellent steering manners and increased suspension articulation. Front sway-bar disconnects allow for maximum off-road articulation. These components are combined with perfectly rated lift springs and MX6 shocks that will allow your TJ to crawl, cruise, and conquer terrain in comfort. The Stage II system includes transfer-case lowering hardware for '97-'06 models and provides the perfect height for 33x12.50 tires on 8- or 9-inch-wide rims.
For more information, contact: Pro Comp, (800) 776-0767,

When Custom Is All You Need
Replace rubber hydraulic hoses with DOT-approved, StopFlex stainless steel braided hoses for protection and superior performance. Versatile and long-lasting, these stainless braided hoses are great for almost any stock or custom application. With Classic Tube's premade hose sections, you can order the length you need for your particular hydraulic application. Choose a length in evenly numbered increments from 6 inches to 60 inches and build your own hose ends by selecting from a wide variety of Classic Tube screw-in fittings.

StopFlex stainless steel braided hoses feature a multilayer design comprising a Teflon inner hose, a Kevlar braid layer, and elastomer construction. Stainless steel wire braid completes the hose. For added durability, a clear vinyl covering prevents dirt from getting into the braid. Each premade hose section uses reliable, weight-saving crimp/swage fittings that exceed the industry's strictest manufacturing standards.For more information, contact: Classic Tube, (800) 882-3711,

New Lungs for Your JK
In 2007, Jeep introduced a new Wrangler JK with a 3.7L V-6 powerplant. To supplement the V-6, advanced FLOW engineering (aFe) has developed a stage two cold-air intake system for this new Jeep that delivers a max gain of 5.6 hp and 6.7 lb-ft of torque. A conical, high-flow washable/reusable air filter is protected from ingesting engine heat with a durable powdercoated heat shield. Cool air is directed toward the throttle body through a set of urethane couplers and a black powdercoated aluminum tube with a properly positioned MAF pad. Considering most of us push our Jeeps in the dirt pretty hard, aFe offers this intake system with its high-efficiency, severe-duty Pro-Guard 7 filter as well.For more information, contact: advanced FLOW engineering, (951) 493-7100,

Heavy-Duty Peace of Mind
A common problem on Toyota solid-front-axle vehicles is broken steering knuckles and studs. The new Six Shooter Knuckle Kit from Trail-Gear can help. The addition of two studs in each arm effectively prevents the steering arm from becoming loose and shearing off the studs. The knuckle housing is also thicker than stock, and larger gussets have been added around the outside of the knuckle for extra strength. Precision CNC-machined, each knuckle is a direct bolt-on, heavy-duty replacement.
For more information, contact: Trail-Gear, (559) 252-4950,

Nothing's Impossible
Have you ever wanted to mount a Toyota or other flanged driveshaft on your Dana transfer case or other differential? Or have you simply wanted a flanged connection for strength but found it impossible? Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts offers the widest selection of custom flanges available anywhere. Available in the most popular spline cuts and flange patterns, these custom flanges are available in 10-, 26-, 27-, 30-, and 32-spline configurations to fit a wide variety of applications ranging from Dana and New Process transfer cases to Dana and GM differentials.
For more information, contact: Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts, (877) 4X-SHAFT,

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Take a Grand Expedition
BDS Suspension has released a 6.5-inch long-arm kit for the '96-'98 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ. The system comes with a massive belly plate made from 1/4-inch steel that increases ground clearance as well as stiffens the unibody. This is a true four-link system that offers increased control over a lot of the radius-arm systems on the market. There is no welding to the unibody required. All eight control arms are adjustable. The system also includes BDS front Ultimate sway-bar disconnects, an extreme dropped pitman arm to match the steering angles with your new adjustable front track bar, stainless steel front brake lines, and a new steering stabilizer. Unlike many other long-arm kits, the BDS system actually comes with a new rear sway bar to reduce body roll for on-road performance.
For more information, contact: BDS Suspension Co., (517) 279-2135,

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