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Jeep 4x4 Parts And Accessories - 4x Products

Inchworm Transfer Case
Posted October 1, 2007

Meet Lefty
Inchworm's latest creation, Lefty, is the only currently available, direct bolt-in, low-geared, single transfer case setup available for the Toyota Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, or 4Runner. Lefty is a complete transfer case that replaces the stock chaindriven unit and comes built with your choice of 4:1, 4.7:1, 5:1 or 5.71:1 gearsets. The beauty of the Lefty is that it bolts up in a few hours with no driveline, floor, or crossmember modifications. It also provides additional ground clearance by clocking the transfer case to keep it tucked away from the rocks. Lefty is the simplest way to get rockcrawling gears in your Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, or 4Runner. Lefty is also compatible with Inchworm's dual transfer-case setup and is available with other options including: heavy-duty output shafts, your choice of driveshaft flanges, twin sticks, and an electric or cable-driven speedometer.
Inchworm Gear
(530) 677-8111

Keep the Fluid Inside Your Dana 44
The new Dana 44 differential cover from Sexton Off-Road has been designed with abuse in mind. When the company sent us a sample, we were told, "This new cover is nearly indestructible. We put a lifetime warranty on it, but we doubt anyone is going to need it."The cover is constructed of nodular iron with ribs for added strength. To add rigidity and eliminate the possibility of peeling the cover off and losing fluid, Sexton designed the flange area to be 1/2 inch thick, and it recessed all of the stainless steel hardware into the flange so the bolts could not be damaged. The fill hole was raised to increase oil capacity and then plugged with a stainless steel fill plug. To ease oil changes and maintenance, the cover comes with a premium, reusable Lube Locker gasket. The cover comes standard with gloss-black, UV-stable powdercoating to reduce fading.
Sexton Off-Road
(800) 378-0313

In and Out Storage Solution
It's a beautiful day on the trail and you decide to remove your soft top, but where do you put it? Well, Misch 4x4 Products might have what you're looking for with its new Top Tote soft-top storage tote for Jeep JK models. This unique product attaches to the vertical rollbars directly behind the front seats or the vertical rollbars behind the rear seat and may be used with or without the rear seat in the vehicle. It has been designed to allow for one person to remove and store the factory soft top with ease. The top stores in individual compartments that are padded and won't allow the top's components to touch each other. The Top Tote can be easily removed from or placed into the Jeep with the top inside.
Misch 4x4 Products
(620) 251-9100

Mac Tools Has the Edge
Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference - just ask your friend who broke his tie rod last week. Mac Tools is proud to introduce the new Mac Edge 12-piece 1/4-inch nonslip metric socket set (PN: SMGM126BR). This 1/4-inch-drive set includes a fullsize range from 5 mm to 15 mm, including 5.5 mm, and joins the line of 3/8-inch- and 1/2-inch-drive Mac Edge sockets previously offered. Constructed of chrome-moly steel, the patented design allows sockets to be compatible with both normal and damaged fasteners. They are capable of driving damaged fasteners that have been rounded up to 70 percent.
Mac Tools

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