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Jts Parts Spools
Posted October 1, 2007

JTs Parts & Accessories has just added a new line of high-quality, affordable full spools and mini-spools, including a mini-spool for GM 10.5-inch, 14-bolt full-floaters. The units are manufactured using high-quality steel and are precision-machined using state-of-the-art, computer-controlled equipment. JTs offers a wide range of applications from GM 10-bolt and Ford 9-inch to AMC Model 20 and other less common applications. Some applications include: AMC/Jeep Model 20, Chrysler 8.75-inch, Dana 44, Dana 60, GM 12-bolt, Suzuki Samurai/Sidekick, and Toyota four-cylinder and V6 8-inch axles. For more information, contact: JTs Parts & Accessories, (866) 349-6801.

LoggerHead Tools is now offering 6- and 10-inch sizes of the Bionic Grip, an open-ended version of the company's patented, award-winning Bionic Wrench. The 8-inch Bionic Grip was introduced in June 2006 as the first open-ended wrench to distribute forces 240 degrees over a work surface. It automatically fits multiple sizes of fasteners, pipes, and tubes with a squeeze of the hand. Like all LoggerHead Tools products, the Bionic Grip is made in the USA and guaranteed for life. With four serrated jaw surfaces and an Interlock mechanism that stays locked while under torque load, the Bionic Grip is well-suited to a wide range of applications that require turning nuts and bolts or pipes and tubes. For more information, contact: LoggerHead Tools, (888) 564-4374,

Flowmaster's new Super 44 muffler with its 4.00x9.75x13-inch case offers distinct advantages over the company's original 40-series muffler. The Super 44 muffler delivers a rich, deep tone with improved flow-path radius, optimum internal flow, and sound control, all created with Flowmaster's Delta Flow technology.

In two years in development, Flowmaster's goal was to build a compact, super high-performance muffler that met all the critical Flowmaster performance improvement numbers. These mufflers are American-made and are being built to fit a wider range of vehicles while exceeding OEM build-quality specifications. For more information, contact: Flowmaster, (800) 544-4761,

Your new JK is a more-than-capable off-road vehicle straight from the factory, but why not give it that extra edge to take on your favorite trail system with ease? BDS Suspension has released a 4.5-inch Pro-Ride suspension lift kit for the '07 Jeep Wrangler JK four-door and a 4-inch lift kit for the two-door. Each kit features four new Pro-Ride coil springs capable of full coil-bind. Also included are bumpstop extensions, front Ultimate Sway Bar Disconnects, rear solid sway-bar links, a pitman arm, front and rear track-bar relocation brackets, brake-line relocation brackets, and front and rear lower control arms. New rear upper adjustable control arms are included to properly adjust pinion angle. For more information, contact: BDS Suspension, (517) 279-2135,

Dress up those cast-iron or aluminum disc-brake calipers with POR-15's new caliper painting kit. The handy kit comes with everything you need, including a super-tough paint coating that will stand up to just about anything and make your calipers look terrific. Typical enamel paints can't survive the temperature extremes, road debris, and brake-dust cleaning solvents that hit your calipers regularly, but POR-15 is famous for its resistance and beautiful color. For more information, contact: RestoMotive Laboratories, (800) 725-0682,

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