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Off Road 4x4 Parts - November 2007 4x Products

Posted in Product Reviews on November 1, 2007
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How Much Do You Really Need?
When push comes to shove, how much lift height do you really need to achieve your off-road goals? When you know a couple of inches is all you need to tackle your favorite trails, check out Superlift's new '07 Jeep JK 2-inch lift kits for both two- and four-door models. With the new kit installed on your JK, you can safely clear a 33x12.50 tire and even stuff a 35-inch-tall tire with some fenderwell trimming. The kits include bumpstop spacers and optional Superide shocks that improve control and allow 2 extra inches of extension travel.

If you still want a few more inches, then Superlift's new 4-inch kit may be what you're looking for. It uses preset coil springs to clear up to 37x12.50 tires. To control roll and yaw, a front adjustable track bar is included; a relocation bracket is used on the rear track bar. Superide shocks with yellow boots are also included.
Superlift Suspension Systems
(888) 299-4692

Keep Your Goods Secured
Two new security products from Tuffy are now available for the Toyota FJ Cruiser. The new center security console and rear security drawer are both outstanding choices to ensure thieves keep their mitts away from your stuff. The center console provides a comfortable armrest while retaining the factory cupholder, and it allows the driver-side fold-down armrest to still be used. The console features an internal storage tray to keep smaller items separate and has an external tray for sunglasses and loose items.

The rear drawer is completely lockable to store your tools, recovery items, and camping gear. Foldable wings provide a full-width platform on top of the drawer and create hidden storage space for smaller items. The drawer is made of heavy-duty steel with a textured black powdercoat finish. Tuffy's Pry-Guard II locking system, featuring a 10-tumbler, double-bitted lock and heavy-duty latch, keeps the drawer securely closed and locked.
Tuffy Products
(800) 348-8339

Rock-Free Transmission
Keeping body damage to a minimum is important but not as important as keeping the terrain away from your engine and transmission. Skid Row Offroad is well known for making some of the strongest skidplates on the market today, and the company now offers '07 Jeep JK engine/transmission skidplates. These new skidplates provide protection for the engine, transmission, and exhaust system using 3/16- and 3/8-inch steel construction, and they feature bolt-on installation with no drilling, multistage powdercoating, and the flexibility to work with any short- or long-arm suspension.
Skid Row Offroad
(717) 582-3640

A Wise Choice
If you're the proud owner of a '97-'06 Jeep Wrangler model with a Dana 44 front axle, then you're in luck. Pro Comp has just released its new front adjustable track bar for 2- to 5-inch suspension lifts. This adjustable track bar keeps the front axle of a lifted Jeep in the correct location to reduce bumpsteer and to keep the vehicle tracking down the road straight. The JTB403 adjustable front track bar is made of 4130 chrome-moly tubing and features an aircraft-quality, high-angle spherical rod end to allow maximum articulation. Installation of the track bar requires the use of a Pro Comp track-bar relocation bracket and a Pro Comp pitman arm. The combination of these components provides ideal steering geometry with no bumpsteer.
Pro Comp Suspension
(800) 776-0767

Simplicity Illuminated
As if SureFire lights can't get any better, the company has started producing its all-new, dual-stage, L1 LumaMax flashlight with an improved-performance LED. This new, super-efficient LED generates higher light outputs using the same power source: a single 3V lithium battery. Improved efficiency also means that the new LED runs longer than the one previously used in the L1. At maximum output, the L1's new LED generates 65 lumens of tactical-level light - three times that of the previous LED - and runs for 1-1/2 hours. At its lower level, the electronically controlled LED produces a user-friendly 10 lumens, enough for tasks such as navigating trails or reading maps, and runs for 16 hours. A total internal reflection (TIR) lens still covers the L1's LED, maximizing light transmission and creating a beam with a tightly focused center and a gradually diminishing corona. It also features a Pyrex window, a hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum body that's O-ring-sealed, a stainless steel pocket clip, and tailcap switching with SureFire's patented lockout feature to prevent accidental activation. The L1 comes with a standard white or night-vision-friendly red LED.
(800) 828-8809

Affordable Beadlock Wheels
Trail-Gear has now entered into the world of wheel construction with the release of its new Creeper Locks aluminum beadlock wheels. They are available in 17x9 with a backspacing of 3.75 inches and are made from one solid piece of aluminum. Each wheel weighs a whopping 45 pounds with locking ring and hardware. Every wheel is cast with the inner beadlock as part of the wheel. All 24 bolt holes feature steel Time-Serts installed to prevent the bolts from galling. A drop-down inner lip helps center the tire onto the wheel during mounting. Each wheel has a rating of 2,800 pounds.
(559) 252-4950

No More Broken Bits
Mac Tools has just introcuced its new cobalt drill-bit set (PN 6338DSA). These bits are machined to exacting tolerances and are fully ground for superior performance. The new cobalt set is perfect for hardened steel and tough alloy applications. To complete the set, the new steel case has an easy-opening lid with locking mechanism and a hard-plastic bit holder to eliminate wear on bit flutes.
Mac Tools

Adjustability Just Got Better
The more control you have over the movement of your suspension, the better the performance of your ride is going to be. The new ACOS Pro adjustable coilover spacer for Jeeps just got better with a fully adjustable, nitrogen-charged bump shock for complete control over suspension compression. If you're familiar with the original ACOS design, you will immediately recognize the threaded adjuster ring that allows fast, convenient, and easy ride-height adjustment at each corner of the vehicle. Installation automatically increases ride height by 1-3/8 inches, and without removing any suspension components the ACOS Pro will provide a maximum increase of 3-1/4 inches using the existing coil springs. The integrated bump shock prevents the suspension from bottoming out when the vehicle is traveling at high speeds or supporting heavy loads.

Although the ACOS Pro is precharged with the ideal amount of nitrogen to suit most Jeep applications, the gas pressure can be manually adjusted to suit individual vehicle variances and equipment. The bump-shock length is also adjustable, enabling the user to determine the exact amount of suspension compression required before the bump shock takes effect.
JKS Manufacturing
(308) 762-6949

Being Short Isn't So Bad
n Being vertically challenged can have its disadvantages, but when it comes to performance modifications, going smaller often means added benefits. Advance Adapters now offers its all-new adapter for the 4L60E transmission, making it the shortest application possible for the Atlas four-speed. The company's new kit comes with a billet 300M shaft with a 23-spline end for the transfer case, special crossmember foot, and mount. This kit is only designed for '97-and-newer, removable-bellhousing, six-bolt, rear 4L60E transmissions.
Advance Adapters
(800) 350-2223

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