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Plugged In

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While this photo is taken from the outside looking in, you need to be sitting in the Jeep with the doors closed. Plug the supplied cable into the Accu Pro and the JK diagnostic port. then, using the up and down arrows and y and N keys, follow the simple directions displayed on the Accu Pro's screen. Do not unplug the unit or turn off the key during this programming sequence until prompted to do so at the end. you'll be asked to input tire size to the nearest 1/4 inch and gear ratio (if you changed ratios, that is). the Accu Pro will program gear changes to 5.13:1. while the JK uses tire diameter only for the speedometer and odometer, programming in your new gear ratio will correct transmission shift points. Once programming is completed, the Accu Pro will tell you programming was a success. that's all there is to it!