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Off-Road Hardware - New Products - May 2010

Posted in Product Reviews on May 1, 2010
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J.E. Reel CV Upgrade for Jeep TJ and JK
CV joints offer smoother power transmission and up to a 45-degree operating angle. J.E. Reel offers a CV axle upgrade for TJ and JK Wranglers with Dana 44 front axles.
*"You break it, we replace it" warranty
*Applications also available for Dana 30 and Dana 60
For more information, contact:
J.E. Reel Driveline
(909) 629-9002

Aberle Off Road Cast Aluminum Bumpers
We did a double-take when we read that these bumpers are made from aluminum, since most off-road bumpers are crafted from heavy steel. Aberle Off Road uses heat-treated aerospace grade A356 aluminum. This nets a bumper that's stronger than stock and weighs less than 100 pounds.
*Naturally rust free
*Designed to accommodate bolt-on accessories
For more information, contact:
Aberle Off Road
(303) 908-4697

Safety Seal Tire Repair Kit
It's easy to change a flat if you have a complete spare. If you've got more flats than you have spares, you'll need to have the tools and knowledge for trailside tire repair.
*Metal T-handle and insertion tools make it easy to manipulate the repair inserts
*Kit also includes 30 repair inserts, special lube, and instructions
For more information, contact:
Safety Seal
(800) 888-9021

Allied Raceline Beadlock Wheels
Purpose-built beadlock wheels offer added durability and peace of mind compared to welded-on beadlocks. Allied's Raceline wheel is the official wheel of the 2010 King of the Hammers, WEROCK, XRRA, and Jeep Speed series.
*32 bolts secure the beadlock ring, and the strengthened inner lip adds durability
*Available in 15x8, 17x9.5, and 17x8.5 sizes with a range of offsets
For more information, contact:
Allied Wheel Components
(866) 499-4335

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Miller ArcStation Welding Workbench
Miller Electric has put together a ready-made welding workbench to make your projects easier. No, the welders, plasma cutter, and grinder are not included.
*Affordable and customizeable
*Sturdy construction features 1/8-inch-wall steel frame, 3/16 or 3/8-inch-thick steel top, and powder coat finish
For more information, contact:
Miller Electric
(800) 4-A-MILLER

Blitzkrieg Four-Link Mounts for Tube Chassis
If you're building a tube chassis for desert racing, Blitzkrieg Motorsports can streamline your fabrication process. These four-link mounts are pre-built and ready to go.
*Made from premium material, and assembled with a premium process: 4130 chromoly plate and TIG welding
*Blitzkrieg also offers a "Y-frame" with integrated link and A-arm mounts: an ideal foundation for a complete tube-chassis desert truck
For more information, contact:
Blitzkrieg Motorsports
(714) 630-0630

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Building an Off-Road Firefighting Rig?
If you need to transport firefighting equipment over rugged terrain, Kimtek Research offers an all-in-one lightweight firefighting system that's ready to mount to your chassis.
*Kimtek Firelites are used by the U.S. Army
*Slide-in design easily mounts to pickup bed
For more information, contact:
Kimtek Research
(888) 546-8358

Rancho Performance Transaxles Swing Axle Upgrade
Yeah, we're a truck magazine, but we've seen buggies go some amazing places in the dirt. If you're using a swing axle-style transaxle in your buggy, this combo from Rancho Performance Transaxles is for you.
*Rancho's super diff and side cover combo gives you a differential with twice as many spider gears for a big upgrade in durability
*The Rancho side cover is heavy duty cast aluminum. The rigid design ensures the ring and pinion have consistent contact, which further increases reliability For more information, contact:
Rancho Performance Transaxles
(800) 304-8726

Headache-Free Headache Rack
Cargo that damages your cab causes headaches. Cargo that won't stay in place causes headaches. The Black Widow Headache Rack promises to eliminate those headaches and look good at the same time.
*Each Headache rack is custom-built to suit the needs and personality of the customer
*All-steel construction is powdercoated for long-lasting durability
For more information, contact:
Spyder Industries
(877) 665-6705

Air-Zenith On-Board Air System
Air-Zenith offers several styles of on-board air. This one, the dual OB-2 basic kit, can fill a five-gallon air tank from 165 psi to 200 psi in 40 seconds.
*Dual compressors increase reliability, reduce fill times
*Chrome aluminum air tank looks great, resists rust
For more information, contact:
(702) 270-7966

TailBone Mechanic's Stool
The TailBone creeper is one of the most popular ways to maneuver oneself beneath a truck. This mechanic's stool builds on that reputation as a comfortable way to turn wrenches while seated.
*Five-inch diameter wheels don't hang up on small bumps in the driveway or workshop
*Bucket seat is shaped and sized for real-world people, not fashion store mannequins
For more information, contact:
(330) 677-4030

Beard RX-T1 Seat
Beard's RX-T1 seat combines secure body containment with comfort. This is ideal for prerunners and other high-performance off-road applications.
*Tough, laced inner lining absorbs energy
*Generous shoulder and leg bolsters keep you planted
For more information, contact:
Koronis Parts, Inc.
(320) 243-3555

SpynTec 14-Bolt Hubs
The GM 14-bolt is one of the greatest and most affordable axles ever offered. One of its few drawbacks is the lack of available wheel bolt patterns. SpynTec's new 14-bolt hubs open up your options.
*SpynTec's hubs are available in 5-, 6-, and 8-lug wheel bolt patterns
*Improved offset narrows the overall axle width by 2.25 inches, and forged steel construction increases strength
For more information, contact:
(888) 290-AXLE

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