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Off-Road Hardware - New Products - June 2010

Leveling Kits
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted June 1, 2010

Off-Road Hardware

CK Worldwide Gas Saver TIG Torch Accessories
If you're TIG welding sensitive metals such as titanium and stainless steel, you'll need increased shielding gas coverage around the weld. CK Worldwide offers its Gas Saver torch accessories to provide the needed gas coverage and to provide better visibility through the clear Pyrex cup.
• Cup diameters of up to 11/8-inches are available to provide increased gas coverage.
• Parts are available to fit most industry-standard TIG torch sizes
For more information, contact:
CK Worldwide
(800) 426-0877


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Daystar Camo Leveling Kits
Daystar makes a broad range of leveling kits for late-model vehicles, and now has a camouflage color option for many popular Ford, Dodge, and Jeep applications. Daystar's leveling kits are made in the USA.
• Urethane gives added ride height and insulates the chassis from squeaks and rattles
• Camouflage pays homage to the sportsman behind the wheel
For more information, contact:
Daystar Products International, Inc.
(800) 595-7659

Blitzkrieg Motorsports Chevy 1500 Stage Two Mid-Travel Kit
Chevy's 1500 2WD truck continues to be one of the most popular fullsize offerings on the market. Blitzkrieg Motorsports has a new mid-travel kit for these trucks. The Blitzkrieg kit increases suspension travel as well as durability. There is an optional King coilover available for this system which is custom-configured and custom-valved.
• Kit includes new upper control arm, fabricated knuckle, and steering kit
• One hundred-percent bolt-on; no welding, cutting, or fabrication is required for installation
For more information, contact:
Blitzkrieg Motorsports
(714) 630-0630

Superlift Systems for the new Ram Trucks
They're not Dodge Ram Trucks anymore, they're Ram Trucks. No doubt some genius executive got to retire on the bonus from that brilliant name game. Whatever they're called, these Mopar-built trucks have been durable and dependable for years and the tradition continues with the latest offerings. Superlift has embraced the new Rams with a lineup of suspension systems at 2-, 4-, and 6-inch lift heights.
• 2-inch systems clear 33-inch tires, 4-inch systems clear 35-inch tires, and 6-inch systems clear 37-inch tires
• Options include Superide shocks by Bilstein, multi-shock kits, and dual steering stabilizers
For more information, contact:
(800) 551-4955

Clinch Wallet Stays Slim
Fat wallets brimming with credit cards, business cards, and odds and ends can be bulky and annoying. The Clinch Wallet stores cards and other essentials securely and stays skinny while it's at it.
• A total of 16 places in which to store cash, cards, and documents
• Secure closure and chain ensure your stuff stays with you
For more information, contact:
Clinch Wallet


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Bully Dog Gauge Tuner
Bully Dog's latest is called the GT or Gauge Tuner. Four products in one, the GT can function as a power-adding downloader, and electronic tuning device, a gauge to monitor vehicle operating parameters, and as a driving coach.
• The GT works with many late-model vehicles, gas or diesel
• The driving coach function informs you of wasted vehicle energy and provides advice for adjusting driving habits
For more information, contact:
Bully Dog Technologies
(888) 934-8899

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